Went ‘round-round’

eager to smile

eager to smile

‘Let’s  round-round’. That is actually the words used by Mr Hubby when he asked us to go somewhere with him. ‘Round-round’ actually means to walk leisurely without specific destination.

Yesterday was actually a public holiday in conjunction of the Maal Hijri 1435. A new year in Islamic calendar. I don’t actually mind staying at home as I have a lot of work to be completed. But at the same time, I can’t say NO to Mr Hubby’s request.

We went to Jusco Bukit Indah. Nothing special there except for they were having sale (only in certain store). Mr Hubby bought only a new belt to replace the one that he had lost and me, bought nothing! Owh…I bought an old Human Nature CD with the cost of RM9.90. Of course I won’t buy if it is not that cheap!

We stopped by at BBQ Chicken for our lunch. Actually we wanted to go to KFC but the queue was too long and we wouldn’t dare wasting our time standing in the line. So we ended up ordering food at BBQ Chicken which we’ve never been before. After eating…..we concluded that nothing special there except for the huge fries. But overall, it was not a bad experience.

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