Terrible Twos

Do you know what to expect when you become a parent? First, you have a cute and tiny baby who sleeps at strange times. Then, you have a talking and curious baby who wants to crawl everywhere in the house. Next, it’s time for the Terrible Twos. Peace and quiet? You’ll only find that in someone else’s home. Or better, when you call grandma to come babysit!

The terrible twos happen when a child is about two years old. At this point, your child usually wants to explore the world. Children love to scream, “No!” to their parents at this age. This can drive a parent crazy! Sometimes, a two-year-old child will start throwing tantrums if you don’t give them permission to do something. But with a little luck, you might get your child to take a nap each day so you can have time to relax.

Haaaa…how I wish I could have me time 🙁

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