Please describe the picture J. Do not look at the sleepy heads but look at the decoration. This is actually my classroom. It looks so dull and boring with fade curtain, information less soft board and naked table!

 I’m actually planning to do something with this class. Perhaps I could use table skirt as part of the decoration!

Here it goes. A boring table can take on a totally new and wonderful personality with a table skirt that goes to the wall. Of course a skirted table can go into the teacher’s table as well but with different design and color tone just to differentiate between student’s and teacher’s table.

I don’t think table skirt is expensive because at table skirts cheap, I can get table skirt that completely covers the table, versatile and in various design at reasonable price! You can try it yourself.

Another advantage of table skirt is, well….we all knows about the condition of table in most school. With table skirt, it doesn’t matter anymore except that it must stand straight and securely on all legs so that it doesn’t tip.

So now, let’s get the right measurement for the tables. Hopefully this will boost up the interest of those sleepy heads in learning especially in their own classroom.

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