Read, read, read!


Reading is one of the skills that you need in order to succeed at learning a language. But I’m not just talking about serious things like literature or difficult newspaper articles. You may think that challenging yourself to read harder texts will help you to improve quickly. But the truth is, any sort of reading is going to help you, as long as it’s in the language. I would even recommend not choosing difficult things to read, because you are more likely to get bored and give up, or just not understand anything. And what’s the point of reading something if you don’t understand it? Instead, why not choose something fun that you want to read, like a girly magazine (if you like that sort of thing!) or a children’s book. I am currently reading Harry Potter in German, which may not be the most challenging book in the world. But I love the story, so I’m much more likely to persevere with it than with something by Goethe. If you want to challenge yourself to read something more difficult, go ahead! Just make sure you don’t lose your enthusiasm along the way.


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