It’s hard to imagine anyone saying to herself, “Hey, I feel like gaining 30 pounds, throwing up all the time, and being bloated for nine months.” And yet, millions of women happily get pregnant, or try to get pregnant, every day.

Most women start to feel the urge to have a baby in their late twenties or early thirties. But pregnancy may not be for everybody. I just couldn’t imagine how they feel. As for me, pregnancy is the most amazing and remarkable moment in my life. Seeing my stomach getting bigger and bigger really makes me excited and afraid sometimes. Although during the third trimester I will feel really heavy and quite difficult to carry myself with a baby inside but still it was the sweetest moment. I have to drag myself and sometimes people called  me ‘penguin’.

Finding something to wear during pregnancy is quite challenging for me. It’s hard for me to find a piece of cloth which can cover my entire body perfectly. That is why I will always keep a closet of maternity jeans and loose maternity blouses during my pregnancy. If I have to school then a maternity long skirt would be my preferred choice.

Oh….how I really miss that wonderful moment!

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