November is here again

PhotobucketWhen November is coming, it means busy days for me. Before we had a long holiday, there would be lots of thing to be done and to be settled! For this few days, I would be busy stapling the final exam question paper. Believe it or not, I have to staple them in 1-2 days only because the exam is on 5th of November and I have about¬† 450 papers to staple! Fuh!!! I just can’t imagine how I am going to do that with two boisterous boys at home.¬† I really hope that somebody would help me with that. It is not the matter last minute work but in this case, I become the victim. The teacher who is suppose to do the work is on maternity leave. I’ve to take over her place because I’ve taken the maternity leave a few months ago. Meaning that this job is as a replacement for me for my 2 months holiday! I don’t know whether this is fair or not. I just don’t give a damn about this, it is not important anyway. What’s on my mind is, I will try my best to finish all my work on time!