PhotobucketMy husband and I bought a digital camera when we were on our honey moon 3 years back. It is quite expansive actually but we still buy it because we don’t want to miss any beautiful memory in our very first vacation together. Instead of we took our picture, we also used the camera to take a snap of beautiful palces that we visited during the honey moon. On that time, we were so glad and thankful to the camera because it let us save our memorable experience.

But now, things go the other way around. My husband keep complaining that the camera easily get exhausted and the batteries need to be changed regularly. He suggested we should sell the camera and buy a latest one but I insisted becuase the camera had done a great job before and it would be not appropriate for us to forget all the kindness that it gave us. We can buy a new one but I still want to keep this camera because of the sentimental value that we have shared.

Sometimes I wonder, why men easily forgotten the sentimenatal value of something? Do they actually appreciate the kindness and the sacrifies that we women had given them?

Hard Work

Aruba VacationI’m so happy coz’ I’ve finished all those important work. I don’t have to think about it anymore. For last few weeks, I was so damn busy with assginment (not mine actually), marking exam papers and at the same time I have other work to be setteled as it is scheduled. Thank God for helping me to complete all those important work 🙂

I am the type of person who will always focus in whatever I do. I just don’t like people interupting my work. I’m not the type who enjoy group work. I can’t deny that goup work has lots of benefits. Educators love to do this in class becasue by doing group work, students can share ideas with friends, can exchange opinion and group work can even lower your stress!

If I have to do something on the spot, I don’t mind doing it in group. But if the duration of the task completion is quite long, I prefer to do it alone. I’m the kind of lone ranger person. I don’t seek for friends and only few people come to me and want  to be my friend. I don’t really mind about that because I used to it. I like doing something with my one pace, nobody to disturb me and nobody would rushing me.I just need my own space, having a cup of coffee and then the idea will come.

Well, I guess I just thinking about work too much! Sometimes I feel like having a rest in a peaceful and quite  place like what the aruba vacations can offer me. Look at all those beautiful pictures (refering to Aruba Vacations website). I think this time I will go to the ocean, this is the only way to comfort and rejuvenate me after soooo much hard work.

My Money!

Hand DryerYesterday morning we had a small party at my work palce. It was my friend’s birthday celebration, a SURPRISE birthday party. He didn’t know about this, the moment he pushed the door open, all of us shouted “Happy Birthday!!!”. He was really shocked but then he realize that he was not dreaming.

There were lots of food at the party such as burgers, nuggets, home made cookies and breads, muffins, fried chicken, pizza and a birthday cake of course! I ate almost all the food but in small portions of course. After 20 minutes my stoomach felt uneasy and I rushed to the toilet which is located at the end of the block. After I’ve done, I took out a handkerchief from my pocket and all of sudden, my RM100 note dropped into the toilet bowl! That’s alot sum of money and of course I will NOT leave the money there. I looked around the toilet, looking for things that I might use to take the money.

Suddenly, I saw a mop laying against the wall of the tiolet. I grabbed the handle and I used it to take my money. I then washed the handle of the mop and I also put the money in the sink and washed it. I was so lucky because there were three hand dryers inside the tiolet. I used it to make my precious RM100 dry. Thanks to the mop, without you for sure I couldn’t take my money and appreciation also should be given to multi purpose hand dryer 🙂

Car and Woman

Cars are men’s favourite. I don’t really care about it. It would be enough if my car get enough fuel and it can moves. The rest, don’t ask me! I know nothing. Before I got married, my father used to do everything for me. He will make sure that the car is in good condition. He even filled up the air for my tyres but now I have to do everything by myself.

There was one funny incident happened. I went to the patrol station to pump my tyres up but then I do it wrongly. The air didn’t actually filled up my tyres but it goes out from the tyre. I didn’t notice anything strange but then the petrol attendance came to me and said the air actually goes out then he lend me a helping hand and I’m really thankful with his help.

Another incident happened early this year. My car’s window was stuck so I went to this one shop. As I arrived at the shop, nobody asked me what I want. They just ignore me but I didn’t really care about that. Then without waiting, I asked the worker there if they could fix my window. Surprisingly he said “We don’t do that in this shop, if you need any Ferrari parts then only you can come here”. I was so insulted! I know I just drive a small and cheap car, but I think that man didn’t have any right to say that words to me. Poor me…

New House

Samsung HDTV

Yesterday evening I went to my friend’s house. It was not too big but the way she decorated it makes the house look spacious. She used mirror at her dinning room and I think that is the major factor that makes her house look bigger. Then, she put the “L” shape sofa, a  tv cabinet with Samsung HDTV on it, the floor was covered with thick wool imported carpet. There were not many furniture in the dinning room and I can feel the coziness of the place where family members can relax together in a comfort environment. Well, that was the only area that I managed to observe. I just went there for a short time. Hope I can see the rest of the house area soon.

Marking EXAM papers!!!

I’m still busy with my exam papers. Hope I can get rid from them a.s.a.p!

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kettlebellI’m not the type who will always go to the gym and make myself fit but I always wanted a slim and ‘8’ shape body. I’ve never been to a gym before. I only have the chance by looking on the tv what gym looks like. It is a place full of BIG machines! For a small-sized lady like me, sure it would be really difficult for me to lift all those big, heavy things. Then, all of sudden I found this website about kettlebell. At first I didn’t know what Kettlebells is, then I look up for the definition in Wikipedia – Kettlebell is a cast iron weight looking somewhat like a cannonball with a handle.
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It’s time to plan for….

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