Closing of 2016 with Samsung NOTE 5 !

Happy New Year friends!  Hope it’s not too late for the wish J I’m glad and happy to say that my 2016 ended with a wonderful gift from Mr Hubby, Samsung Galaxy Note 5! Thank you so much dear for making me keep my Note 1 after 4 years using it! My Note 1 was such a great phone and I started to know more and being up to date using that phone. The function was so great and the camera was fabulous!

Now that I own Note 5 and of course it is smarter than my Note 1. I know I have to learn and study a lot about my new gadget. If not, what’s the point of using a high-end phone?!

Terrible Twos

Do you know what to expect when you become a parent? First, you have a cute and tiny baby who sleeps at strange times. Then, you have a talking and curious baby who wants to crawl everywhere in the house. Next, it’s time for the Terrible Twos. Peace and quiet? You’ll only find that in someone else’s home. Or better, when you call grandma to come babysit!

The terrible twos happen when a child is about two years old. At this point, your child usually wants to explore the world. Children love to scream, “No!” to their parents at this age. This can drive a parent crazy! Sometimes, a two-year-old child will start throwing tantrums if you don’t give them permission to do something. But with a little luck, you might get your child to take a nap each day so you can have time to relax.

Haaaa…how I wish I could have me time 🙁


I love cooking actually. During this school holiday I managed to cook some delicious dessert (really?) and some of it I never tried before. These are the food together with rating out of 5 stars from people who ate it 🙂

  1. Brownie                           (3 stars)
  2. Cheese cake                     (2 stars)
  3. Pengat pisang                   (3  1/2 stars)
  4. Kuih keria                        (2 stars)
  5. Apam balik                      (3 stars)
  6. Pancake                          (3 stars)

The list will be continued…….

Some of the dessert that I cooked with loved….

I’m sick of lizard!!!

Sometimes I couldn’t stand seeing lizards running here and there in my house. It is so annoying!  Not only that, they often left the unwanted thing behind and that make me ‘hate’ lizards even worst. I don’t have the guts to be a direct killer so, these are few ways that I found to get rid of lizards in your house.


Diminish Their Food Sources

Lizards belong to the reptilian family and eat a number of bugs and pests. If you are serious about getting rid of lizards, you first need to remove all of their possible food sources. If you leave no food source for the lizards, they will not probably come your way.


Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Apart from diminishing the food source, you should also keep your home clean and organized. Make it inhospitable for reptiles by removing places they can hide. They love corners and spaces in between furniture. Instead, keep furniture four to six inches away from the walls and one another.


Eggshells (MY FAV!!!)

An effective method to get rid of lizards is to place cracked eggshells near the possible entry points. Lizards assume eggs as a sign of danger—birds are their predators, and eggshells often mark birds’ living places. To scare off lizards, place egg shells near windows, doors, and any other potential entryway.



Bird feathers will scare lizards away for the same reason. Birds are fond of hunting lizards, and the presence of feathers signal potential danger. For humans, feathers can often be quite decorative—consider placing peacock feathers by your windows.


Why not try one of these…..

Try to spot where the lizard is hiding?


Cute with dimple

Do you have dimple? If yes, I’m sure you are such an adorable person in this world! Those who are blessed with dimples should be grateful for the gift. Those who haven’t, would you dare doing something that will hurt you? I dare not but I know some of you will.


 A bit info about dimple, only 20% of people in this world are blessed with dimple. Dimple is seen as attractiveness and having an appealing smile. It is seen as added value in a person especially those who involve in the entertainment world. People are easily attracted to someone who has dimples. That is why most celebrities have dimples. Yes, it is genetically inherited but people are willing to do anything to get a pair of it although it is not genuine.

Just look at this picture and you will understand what I am trying to say.

Before and after shots of a male patient who underwent dimple surgery by Dr. Aharonov. Credit: Original Filename: ALG_dimple_surgery.jpg

Before and after shots of a male patient who underwent dimple surgery by Dr. Aharonov.
Original Filename: ALG_dimple_surgery.jpg


These brave boys will become men today. They are having circumcision, a short surgery to remove the skin at the very tip of the penis.

Alhamdulillah…..everything run smoothly although it was a tough one for my eldest. Everybody has their own story so do they. I’m glad the process is over and now I have to take a good care of them.

A good start


Done with the reading. I think it’s a good start for the first week of school holiday. I’m trying to instill reading habit in myself. I actually love to read but due to business  with school work, time is very limited for me to grab a book and read. That’s very bad for me.

Let’s talk a bit about the book. I borrowed it from a library at my school. It’s is actually a biography written in comic style. I love it! I love to know and learn from successful person but then most of the books out there are written too wordy. It will be great if I have ample time to read it.

After reading, I am impressed with Tun. He is very intelligent even at the age of 90 something now. I just wish that he could still be our hero.



Hoping for the last meeting for this year but I know it is HOPELESS. There would be another session of meeting next week on Sunday. For this one, we were discussing on things to be done for next year. Yea…your read it right! NEXT YEAR. I still haven’t finished with this year’s work but then I’m here listening to several plans to be done for next year. Wish me LUCK!!!

Guitar Hero


Karaoke is fun, but why limit yourself to just vocals? You could do karaoke on guitar or drums. What’s that? You don’t play an instrument? No problem. There are some new video games that let you pretend you can.

In a way, Guitar Hero and Rock Band are even better than karaoke since you don’t even have to know how to sing to play them. It’s a lot like Dance Dance Revolution. As the music plays, the screen tells you what to do and your score is based on how accurate you are.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become very popular and are even helping to make bands like Cheap Trick and Aerosmith, who are featured in the game, sell more albums than they have been lately. By the way, it is not a waste to learn guitar. For self-satisfaction, click guitar center guitar sale to buy affordable guitar.