Meeting Stranger

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Ha…what a busy life! Really busy with school activities and housework. I’ll try my best to update at least once in 2 days.

I really wanted to write about this…meeting with a stranger. This is how the story happened. We were on our way to Aeon. While driving, Mr. Hubby saw a lady, we thought she missed a bus and Mr. Hubby offered her a lift. She told us that she’s actually wanted to go to a shop nearby. We invited her in.

While in the car, she told us EVERYTHING about her. She said she is now a grandmother aged 69, with 18 grandchildren. She’s actually from somewhere around here and she’s here staying with her child’s family for a few days. Her name, Ramlah (Hah…I’m very familiar with this name). She’s still working as a traditional healer. She has become a traditional healer for quite a long time and she can cure several mysterious illnesses. She got this talent after she dreamt about something. She told us the story…very detail and she even sang a song while telling the story!

We send her home after she bought something from the shop. She left us with her mobile number and she gave the kids chocolate and also RM5 each.

What I can’t forget is, she kept on praying for our lasting marriage and she also prays that we could perform our Hajj soon. That really touched me.

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