Make it brief please…

Open Day

Waiting for my turn…while waiting, of course the boys can’t sit still with me. They ran here and there and I’ve to warn them not to play too far and stay close to me when it’s about time to meet with their teachers.

I just can’t understand, some parents the could talk for so long with their children’s teacher. Me? I think less than 5 minutes and I’m done! Well…maybe I’ve heard the same problem over and over again and teachers  always make general comments. I know that teachers have hundreds of students to handle and it is impossible for them to know each and every one of them. Normally they will only know the surface and fail to go deep explaining about one particular student. Rarely I’ve seen teachers with that special ability, able to know their students and able to talk about his/her behavior as an individual.

Me? I’m just the ordinary teacher 🙂

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