Kids and music

Cheap music

I always dreamt of sending my boys to music class. From what I heard it’s good because it balanced up the function of the brain. Am I right? Art and music class can improve students reasoning, logical and spatial thinking. They help our kids become more creative and able to cooperate in class better. So I think all school should have this music subject at school as it can develop team building skills among students. Parents should not worry because they can always get any musical instruments from woodwind and brasswind coupon with affordable price. But I personally think that school shouldn’t burden parent with buying musical instruments, by right it should be provided and included in the school fees. Well, as a parent of 3 kids, I know it cost a mountain raising up kids nowadays. There are so many things we have to pay and increasing prices of goods make the situation worst. Oh no, am I out of topic? Let’s get back to the root, music is good for kids and sending your kids to music class is consider as a bonus to your kids bright future. All the best!

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