I’m sick of lizard!!!

Sometimes I couldn’t stand seeing lizards running here and there in my house. It is so annoying!  Not only that, they often left the unwanted thing behind and that make me ‘hate’ lizards even worst. I don’t have the guts to be a direct killer so, these are few ways that I found to get rid of lizards in your house.


Diminish Their Food Sources

Lizards belong to the reptilian family and eat a number of bugs and pests. If you are serious about getting rid of lizards, you first need to remove all of their possible food sources. If you leave no food source for the lizards, they will not probably come your way.


Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Apart from diminishing the food source, you should also keep your home clean and organized. Make it inhospitable for reptiles by removing places they can hide. They love corners and spaces in between furniture. Instead, keep furniture four to six inches away from the walls and one another.


Eggshells (MY FAV!!!)

An effective method to get rid of lizards is to place cracked eggshells near the possible entry points. Lizards assume eggs as a sign of danger—birds are their predators, and eggshells often mark birds’ living places. To scare off lizards, place egg shells near windows, doors, and any other potential entryway.



Bird feathers will scare lizards away for the same reason. Birds are fond of hunting lizards, and the presence of feathers signal potential danger. For humans, feathers can often be quite decorative—consider placing peacock feathers by your windows.


Why not try one of these…..

Try to spot where the lizard is hiding?


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