Happy Sad

Went outing just with the kids. Pity them….they have been staying at home for several days without going anywhere. I know how they feel and that is why this evening I brought  them to the playground then to Jusco Aeon shopping centre. At the same time I’ve to change my watch’s battery. Going to school without wearing wrist watch is something I don’t like and it’s kindda troublesome for me.

What about broken heart? The wound is still there. However, I’ve made a first move by apologizing to him but he didn’t give any respond, remain silent. Maybe he hates me and still think that I’m the WRONG PERSON. I respect him as husband, that is why I’ve made the move. It doesn’t matter who start it first. What I can do now is, just leave everything to Allah. I’LL ACCEPT MY FATE WITH OPEN ARMS.

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