I admit that disciplining kids is that hardest part of parenting. Of course in my house there are rules that the child have to follow and I think this is a must in every houses so that the child will grow up as a disciplined person.

My husband would have no problem in disciplining our kids coz’ he’s quite strict and the kids always behave themselves whenever he is at home. But if it is with me, I always see the other side of them. I love to see them playing in the house together with me and I love the hear their giggle  (in control of course). If he do something wrong, I will not straight away ground them but I will talk to them face to face and explain why they can’t do that particular thing. I guess by that way they will learn more and they will know the reason for not letting them do such thing.

Children nowadays are so clever.My eldest son is full of curiosity and he always ask me questions that sometimes I don’t know the answer. As a mom, I have to be realistic and prepare with reasonable answers.

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