OK, so you’ve put on a little weight. A diet will fix that, right? But first you have to pick the right one.

There are so many different ways to diet. You can cut carbs, eat smaller portions, stay away from sweets, or try to eat more fruits and vegetables. No matter which diet you choose, though, you have to stick to it if you really want to slim down.

Being picky is also useful. Don’t simply eat anything in front of you and if you really like one particular food, don’t OVER INDULGE. Eat in moderation.

I know there are tons of delicious food out there and it’s quite hard for me to fight for the perfect body. I guess I have to make compromise here. I can eat what I want to eat BUT in moderation but then I’ve to work out in order to keep away from getting fat or overweight. I know I’m a chubby lady but I’m far from overweight k !

BTW, to enjot life is to enjoy foods, and I would HATE to deprive myself from the best food the world has to offer!

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