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Happy Sad

Went outing just with the kids. Pity them….they have been staying at home for several days without going anywhere. I know how they feel and that is why this evening I brought  them to the playground then to Jusco Aeon shopping centre. At the same time I’ve to change my watch’s battery. Going to school without wearing wrist watch is something I don’t like and it’s kindda troublesome for me.

What about broken heart? The wound is still there. However, I’ve made a first move by apologizing to him but he didn’t give any respond, remain silent. Maybe he hates me and still think that I’m the WRONG PERSON. I respect him as husband, that is why I’ve made the move. It doesn’t matter who start it first. What I can do now is, just leave everything to Allah. I’LL ACCEPT MY FATE WITH OPEN ARMS.

Broken Heart

We didn’t talk with each other. I sent Emir to clinic and I informed him thru sms but he didn’t reply. At night he went outing and came back home at 2am!

I really hope and pray that I will find my happiness soon. It has been 6 years and I’ve gone thru sooo many painful experiences. Please HELP me ALLAH…….

Broken Heart

I don’t know how many time I should endure this pain. This time the reason is so small and simple. I let MY kids having bath at their GRANDMOTHER’S house whereby he didn’t agree with that. The kids were crying wanted to go to their grandmother’s house, playing with their cousin.  Their aunty also encourage them to go there.

As they moved away, he scolded and shouted at me as if I’ve done a BIG mistake. I’ve tried to defense myself but he still think that I didn’t respect him. What else I can say except for crying again and again.

Now is 12.02am but he still not at home, still mad at me. SIGH…..he always come home late, not only today. Friends are more important than family 🙁

P/S: He arrived home at 2.30am!

Broken Heart

What would you normally do when you feel dejected, cheated and sad? For women like me, tears would be the best way to help us heal. I’ve cried from midnight and continued early in the morning. It’s really hard for me to forget what I’ve heard. I’ve tried my best to make my family happy. But I fail to be a good wife. I can take advise but NOT in the threatening way. I’ve heard enough of this! After 6 years, then only he realized that I’m not the right person! How would you feel if a person whom you love, trust, say that evil words to you after you have been so sincere all this while? Now…I’m crying again!