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Blackburied exist from the word Blackberry. Blackberry is a cell phone which we can use to check email, send sms messages, make a telephone calls and many other function. Blackberry is a brand name but other companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Hewlett Package make similar products. This gadget has become very popular especially in develop country with commuters where people often have their long journey in it. While waiting for the arrival, they will spend the time by typing on their miniature keyboards with their thumbs. Apart from all the advantages that this gadget provide us, there is also the bad side. What used to be a quiet, ease journey to work on the commuter is now taken over by the latest problems at work. Before this work starts as we arrived at the office but nowadays with the Blackberry, works come as we turn on the Balckberry. If you feel you can’t get rid of the email because of the importance, you might feel Blackburied. That means you feel overwhelmed and exhausted trying to be very alert and fast replying all those email. You feel buried under all the extra work that the easy access to your email has brought to you. It seems that these devices are also very addictive and almost impossible to ignore that gadget in your pocket or bag, and we simply have to check for new messages, all the time and it shows that we have been blackburried.

Oprah’s show to end

PhotobucketThe iconic American talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, is to stop doing her globally famous show in September 2011, after 25 years on the air.

The Oprah Winfrey Show began in 1986 and is now broadcast in 140 countries. With its confessional atmosphere and Ms Winfrey’s candour about her troubled childhood and her weight and relationship problems, it’s redefined the talk show genre.

It’s also made her the wealthiest black woman in the world, and possibly too, the most influential. A Maryland University study suggested her support for Barak Obama had been key to his nomination. Authors appearing on her programme can become bestsellers overnight.

Oprah is still the highest rated talk show on US television but audiences are half what they were a decade ago. Her empire also includes magazines, a radio show and, from next year, a television network, so it seems likely her place in American culture will continue.

Marking EXAM papers!!!

I’m still busy with my exam papers. Hope I can get rid from them a.s.a.p!