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This is actually my favourite topic. You might become overwhelmed quickly when you think about all the stores you need to visit to purchase the items on your list. On the other hand, you might just pour yourself another cup of coffee, sit down on the sofa, and turn on your computer. Online shopping has made it easy to buy lots of items from your home. Businesses like it, too, and many offer free shipping for customers who choose to order products online.

Unfortunately, if you’re shopping for clothes, you can’t try things on when you’re ordering them from a computer. But if you’re skeptical about the quality of a product, you can usually read reviews to get a good idea of what others think. People love sharing their opinions, and it seems safe to be candid when you’re writing something at home.

It’s here!

It’s here! I ordered the item on 16 of April and surprisingly, it arrived the next day! Wow!!! It was fast and efficient. Hope the thing inside is okay. I don’t want to open it yet until my son’s birthday. Just can’t wait to make a surprise for him!

It’s here





It’s here! I ordered the item on 16 of April and surprisingly, it arrived the next day! Wow!!! It was fast and efficient. Hope the thing inside is okay. I don’t want to open it yet until my son’s birthday. Just can’t wait to make a surprise for him!


play doh

Guess what? I just bought this Play Doh set online. This is actually for my 2nd son who turns five in a week time. I hope the SURPRISE will arrive before his birthday! And I hope he will like it. I just can’t wait to play this with him as Play Doh is also a toy that I really wanted when I was a kid but never get it. I didn’t blame my parents at all because I know toy is not really important than feeding 7 mouths at home!



Finding a new apartment was hard work, but it was also a lot of fun. I had a lot to think about, but in the end, I think I made the right choice.
When I decided to move, my first important decision was the kind of apartment I should look for. I had to decide between a studio or a one-bedroom. I chose a one-bedroom because I wanted the extra space.
An essential part of deciding on an apartment was the size. A good question to ask an apartment manager is how many square feet the apartment is.
It’s also good to know where in the building the apartment is located, and if it has a view. Many apartments have windows, but are facing another building, so they don’t get much daylight and it’s not nice to look out the window.
Some other important features are the washer/dryer, dishwasher and garbage disposal.
The last, and for many people most important, factor is the price. A nice apartment in a nice part of town is usually expensive.
Also, there are often other costs, such as the security deposit, which the rental company will hold in case you cause any major damage to the apartment. To make your searching easier, why not check out for south beach real estate.

Down in the dumps

muslim girl

Yesterday I was a bit miserable. Really hope that today there is something that could put smile on my face and fade away this sadness.

Happiness is something abstract. We defined happiness differently. To me happiness comes when there is a good relationship between me and people around me. It really affects me a lot if there is something wrong with the relationship and it becomes worst if I’ve tried to fixed it but FAIL!

I just don’t feel content at this moment. I’m NOT a materialistic type of person. What I have is enough form me and my family even though I always didn’t get what I want. When dealing with material aspect I will always think positive and I know my own limit on what I can and can’t get.

But when dealing with emotion, I always fail. I need support and I NEED NICE PEOPLE TO TALK NICELY TO ME. I’m just a normal human. Why should a person whom I trust SHOUT and YELL at me? Why should I be treated like a bitch?!

Counting the days


School holiday is coming really soon. I’m not sure if we are having our holiday or not as Mr Hubby doesn’t like to plan early for vacation. If I ask him, his answer will be “We just wait and see how later”. Erm….I can’t do anything. Just let him voice out his intention later.

Let’s just think about all these papers that I have to mark! My students just had their test and now I should work hard and try to finish all the marking before school holiday. I just don’t want to spoil my holiday with school work! I need time and space with my family!

Yey!!! It’s raining!!!


I just can’t stop myself from looking outside from my house. It is raining! Heavily! We are actually waiting for that after more than 2 months of drought. Thank You Allah for listening to our prayers. You are the MOST MEFCIFUL, ENTIRELY MERCIFUL. Please….YA ALLAH, ALWAYS GUIDE US TO THE STRAIGHT PATH.


Forgot to take pic yesterday! This is FB pic :)

Forgot to take pic yesterday! Faizun’s kids 🙂

As usual, I have to work today. But unexpectedly I’ve done something unusual today. Let it just be a secret and I just refused to reveal this to anyone.

After several weeks busy with work, at last we got the chance to go somewhere with the boys. They were longing for that. Actually my youngest boy needs a new school bag because the old one cannot be used anymore. And Thank You Allah for making our mission easier. We managed to get a quality bag with affordable price.

After that I received a call from my old friend informing me that she and her family already arrived in JB. She wanted to meet me actually and again Thank You Allah for making this happened. My family and I went to M-Suite hotel where they stayed and brought along a bucket of KFC to be eaten together. We really had a great time and looking forward to meet each other again some other time. Hope we can meet again Faizun!

Birthday Celebration



Attending my nephew’s birthday last Friday. Although it was just a small celebration but the kids were having fun especially the birthday boy that turned 9 year old.

The celebration was held at night and sorry to them because they have to wait for us! We arrived quite late, at about 8.15 pm. As we arrived, everything was ready and we just proceed with the singing of the birthday song. After chit chatting for several hours, we went home nearly at 10.30pm.