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Music is fun!


A lot of us learn how to play a musical instrument when we are young. Some parents make their children take piano or violin lessons. Some teenagers are inspired by their favorite bands and decide to learn how to play the guitar or the drums. Oh, if you like to play guitar, why don’t you go to gibson es 335 at Musicians Friend? I’m sure you’ll love all the guitars there.

Learning how to play music helps to teach kids discipline and focus. It also gives them the reward of accomplishment. It is possible that learning to read and play music helps the brain function more effectively in other areas of study, particularly mathematics and languages.

Although many folks learn to play when they are kids, they sometimes do not continue to play as adults. I understand, we all got life’s commitment.


Quack quack quack

Quack quack quack

Have you ever been to a festival? Whether it’s a little street fair or a giant, city-wide party, festivals can celebrate almost anything!

There are festivals to celebrate ethnic food, festivals that highlight holidays, and festivals that center around one item, like books or apples, music or art. Festivals can become an annual tradition for families, and they’re a great place to make memories, pumping your heart with dw 3000 drum pedal, take lots of pictures, buy a souvenir, and eat delicious food!

With festivals featuring everything from food to music and flowers, it’s safe to say that everyone should be able to find a festival they’d like to attend. The trickiest part might be finding friends to go, too. I will always choose the save part 🙂

Like a broken record

like a broken record

like a broken record

When your grandparents were kids, there were no CDs. To hear music back then, you had to listen to records, and you played them on a turntable. People nowadays are lucky to have the new pioneer cdj that could play CDs very well.

Just like CDs, records could get scratched if you weren’t careful with them. Often, a scratch would cause the record to miss or jump over part of a song. Scratches could also make the record get stuck on certain words in a song, playing them over and over again until you fixed the problem.

Imagine hearing the same words, again and again. Could you listen to Lady Gaga sing “Bad Romance” five times in a row? Ten times? How about 100 times? Eventually, you’d get tired of it, even if you love Lady Gaga. You would want to fix your broken record.

Telling someone that they sound like a broken record is saying that you’re tired of hearing them say the same thing again and again. If someone tells you that you sound like a broken record, it’s time to change the subject!

Cruising with music


You’re cruising down the freeway when suddenly you see a long line of red lights ahead. You hit the brakes, your car stops, and you wait. You turn on the radio and luckily your car is equipped with exciting acoustica mixcraft. As for me, I can only enjoy my music while driving. Music always helps me to get the right mood!

It’s nice to own a car, but planning trips around traffic can be tough. If you try to drive across town when everyone is leaving work, it will take twice as long. That’s why some people would rather ride bikes. They can avoid congested roads during rush hour and get exercise, too! But not for me because I want to be surrounded by music all the way. Well…..I know that we can always enjoy music with various gadget but I don’t feel easy when something stuck in my ears.

Having great time?



What’s the best way to release STRESS? For me, listening to music is the best way and it can even boost up your energy to keep on working.

I don’t know why out of sudden, I’m thinking about high school dances. Depending on what your social life was like in high school, your memories of high school dances are probably either really great or really terrible. If you were in a popular clique, you probably had a great time at dances. But if you were a wallflower or a loner, you might have felt left out. You might hate to think about any social occasion.

Even if you do have negative memories of those dances, though, just hearing the music from fender squire jazz bass blue can take you back. It can remind you of the DJ, and the dresses, and the suits. And maybe it can make you glad that you never have to go to a high school dance again!

I’m just glad that such occasion doesn’t exist here.



They say it’s all that tile around you, that it makes your voice sound better. But there’s also the illusion that you’re alone. Even if you’re in a crowded apartment building, when you get in the shower you forget that people might hear you because no one can see you.

And, of course, there are all those microphone-shaped bottles of shampoo and maybe even a brush. And the running water is your white-noise backup band, or your thousands of fans clapping when you finish a song. The shower is a great place to sing. It is not equipped with exceptional yamaha thr5a acoustic guitar amp at musician’s friend. But does it make you a better singer once you dry off?

I still think that bathroom is the best place for you to practice. Practice makes perfect right?

Drum roll…..

special desk

If you turn on the radio or go on the internet, you’re likely to hear examples of many types of music, from rock to hip hop to dance music. But whatever the genre, there’s one thing that most modern music has in common: drums. It’s rare to hear a song that doesn’t have some percussion driving the beat.

Some musicians make beats using drum machines or computers that they put on the audio desk at musician’s friend, while others still use a standard drum kit. Drums can ground a song and help to establish a groove. They provide the rhythm. And, if you’re angry, it can be fun to hit them!




When’s the last time you went to a parade? Were you bored or offended by anything perhaps by loud sound from hog 30? Not likely! Parades have the reputation for being fun and wholesome. It’s no wonder that they’re overrun with parents and their small children. Some families even go every year, sitting on the same street, in the same spot.

And, really, what’s not to love? Parades have clowns, floats and a new marching band every five minutes. People throw candy, everyone is happy and smiling, and you’re surrounded by good music. You could even see a celebrity if you’re lucky.

Is it possible for someone to dislike parades? With nice music, unique floats and colourful costume, I think that shouldn’t be the reason. Parade is the best place for family to enjoy music and performance.

Fan of musician


Everyone wants their favorite bands to be successful, but sometimes a group you like can get too popular. It starts to get hard to get a ticket to their shows. Then they start playing bigger places. Suddenly a band you’re used to seeing in a comfortable theater is playing a stadium. The band deserves success, so you’re happy for them. But you also miss being one of their only fans.

For these musicians they love to work at music stores shop. There are lots of ‘toys’ to play with including great best classical guitar at guitar center and you can pick up a few tips from the people who work at the store since they are, of course, musicians and most likely cooler than you because they work at a music store, which of all the day jobs musicians have, is one of the most coveted.

Whether you are a fan or a musician, just be happy with what you are.


Starting a band

Guitar on flame

Plenty of people who don’t even know how to play an instrument dream of starting a band. After all, belonging to a band seems to give you automatic cool points. And if your band is actually good, that’s even better. There’s just something sexy and intriguing about musicians, especially when they’re up on stage doing their thing.

But starting a band can take a lot of work. And once you have a band, you still have to find time to practice, come up with new material, find gigs, and keep the band from breaking up. How about the instrument? Maybe you should consider getting it from yamaha c40 at musicians friend. Great instrument under one roof!