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Over the top

too much!

too much!

It’s often possible to have too much of a good thing. Take, for instance, your favorite beverage. Whatever it is, if you pour too much in a glass, it will spill over the top and make a mess!
“Over the top” is an expression used to describe something that is too extreme in some way. If music is too loud, you can say it’s over the top. If someone you just met starts buying you flowers and calling you every day, you could say their behavior is over the top.

But being over the top is not always a bad thing. If you go to a concert and there are lights, fireworks and backup singers, you might walk out and happily say, “That was over the top!” And, of course, what is over the top to one person, may be perfectly reasonable to another.

OVER THE TOP: too much, excessive, extreme

Stuck with it

stuk with

stuk with

What are some things that are sticky? There’s glue. There’s honey, and syrup. There’s tar. Some of those things are more difficult to wash off than others. For example, you can usually get glue or honey off with a bit of warm water. But tar? You might really be stuck with it for a long time.

To be stuck with something means that it’s with you. It’s in your life, and you have no way to get rid of it. You can be stuck with a person, or a thing, or a concept. The expression implies that you would prefer not to have the thing around, but that you have no power to get rid of it.

I feel this way about dept 56 christmas in the city. There are lots of things to choose from and how can I resist on buying them? I am now STUCK WITH it!

The world is your oyster


Oysters are some of the coolest animals. No, not because they get to live at the bottom of the ocean. Not because they get to live inside a shell. And not even because some people find them to be a delicacy. Oysters are so cool because they’re the only animals that actually create a precious jewel. Oysters form pearls when a foreign substance slips into their shells.

Because they may hide pearls, then, oysters can be very valuable. To find an oyster could be like finding a wonderful opportunity. What does it mean, then, when someone tells you that the world is your oyster? It means that the world may hold many wonderful opportunities for you. It means that around the corner in your life may be the equivalent of a beautiful, precious pearl.

Bleeding Heart

Do you know anyone who just cares so much about other people? These types of people are always volunteering their time for important causes, or giving money to charity, or just listening to strangers’ stories on the bus. They feel so much. It’s as if they can’t contain their hearts inside their bodies. Their hearts are bleeding compassion all over the place.

Usually you can just refer to someone as a bleeding heart. You don’t even need to add the word “person” afterwards. If you describe someone as a bleeding heart, your listeners should know that you are talking about the kind of person who just keeps on giving. You might also describe someone as a “bleeding-heart type.”

Fat cat

fat cat

Fat cats are people who have either a lot of money or a lot of influence or power. Usually, they are both wealthy and influential. The expression fat cat is typically used to describe people who show off their high-end social status: people who drive luxury cars, smoke cigars in expensive cigars boxes  and wear ultra-chic and expensive clothes. Fat cat can be used to poke fun at people who are not really wealthy but are “putting on airs” – pretending to be wealthy. Try to be a fat cat anyone?

Blowing up

blowing up

Explosions attract a lot of attention. Think about how many movies you’ve seen where somebody blows up a building, or a car. There’s fire, smoke, a loud noise. When something blows up, people are going to notice.

You also use the expression blow up to describe the act of breathing air into a balloon to inflate it. When you blow something up in that way, you use your breath to make it bigger and give it shape.

Both of these meanings influence a third meaning of blow up. In this case, to blow up means to get really popular and attract a lot of attention all of a sudden. If you’re blowing up, you’re attracting attention, like an explosion, and getting “bigger,” like a balloon filling with air.

Can you remember a time when you felt as if you were blowing up?

Loose vs lose

A lot of people are mixing up lose and loose. In particular, a lot of people are writing loose when they really mean lose. Here are the definitions of the two words.

loose [lOOsadj not fastened or pre-packed; not tied up or confined; able to move freely; not tight, not firmly fixed; not close-fitting; careless, inaccurate, vague; dissolute, immoral; not closely woven; flabby; (of bowels) inclined to diarrhea.

lose  [lOOz] be deprived of by accident or misfortune; mislay, fail to find; fail to get or win; be too late for; be bereaved of; waste; be defeated or beaten; suffer loss, become worse off; fail to hear, see or understand; cause or allow to perish; (of clock or watch) go too slowly; miss the right path; become absorbed in.


This knot is too loose thus he has to use the a spring pin
Please do not lose my book.

Polar Opposites

No two points on Earth could be further apart than its two poles, the North Pole and the South Pole. These are the northernmost and southernmost points on the globe. They lie in perfectly opposite positions from each other.

That is why when we say two things are polar opposites, we mean that they are nothing alike. They couldn’t be more different, or further apart from each other. They are exact opposites in every way.

Often people who fall in love share a lot of the same personality traits and interests. But it is also said that opposites attract. This means that sometimes, people are attracted to what is different from them. Shy people like outgoing people. People who party all the time like quiet types who stay at home. Risk-takers like more cautious people. Two polar opposites sometimes make a perfect pair.

Who in your life is your polar opposite? Do you usually get along with people who are your polar opposite, or do you prefer to hang out with people who are similar to you? What kind of person would be your polar opposite?

Make your head spin

Our brains can’t always move as fast as the world does. Sometimes, when we get a lot of information or news, we need time to process  it. If a lot changes without time for you to get used to it, it can make your head spin.

When something makes your head spin, so much is happening that you can’t understand it yet. I am a person who can’t accept a lot of information in a day. But right now I keep on getting work without me finished up my previous work. So many thing redundant and this can also make my head spin!

Anyone has Panadol?

Over the moon

You can usually tell when somebody is happy. They might be smiling, laughing, or even jumping for joy. Now imagine how happy they would have to be in order to jump all the way over the moon!

When you say you are over the moon, it means you are very happy, excited, or overjoyed. Of course, being over the moon doesn’t mean that you are literally up in space. But you may feel like you are. Even though your feet are on the ground, you might feel like your head is floating way up in the clouds.

There are many reasons why someone might be over the moon. You might feel over the moonwhen a beautiful girl agrees to go on a date with you. Or you might feel over the moon about landing a great new job.

Most people feel over the moon when they learn they are going to have a baby. But the new baby’s brothers and sisters might not be so excited. They might feel jealous or confused. Hopefully my boys would not feel that way.

When was the last time you felt over the moon about something?