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Give a hoot


Owls are birds that sleep during the day and hunt at night. To communicate with other birds, most owls hoot. It’s a way of letting the other owls know what is going on. When people hoot, it’s also to communicate something. Maybe it’s support for a favorite sports team, or approval for an attractive person.

When somebody gives a hoot about something, it means that issue is important. There’s something to be communicated. If a person doesn’t give a hoot, however, he/she doesn’t care at all. Most often, we hear this expression in the negative sense.

Let’s rise to the occasion

rise up

When something important is about to happen, we usually stand up. For example, if someone makes a toast at a wedding, or when a meeting is over. People stand up to say goodbye, often with a handshake or a hug. When an important person walks into the room, like a president or even a bride at a wedding, we stand. We rise up. We show respect, or that we’re ready for what happens next.

We experience challenges in life all the time. It’s easy to be sad or angry, and it’s natural, too. But eventually every person has to rise to the occasion and keep moving ahead.

Not all challenges are bad, of course. A lot of us enjoy a challenge, and even look forward to rising to the occasion and showing our friends and family that we can succeed. We can even make a Vinyl Banner Printing to show-off our success should we?!



Have you ever seen a really clean glass window? It’s so clear that it looks like nothing is there. But then a bird flies straight into it. The hard thump when the bird hits the glass shows that the way is, in fact, blocked.

glass ceiling is a lot like a clean glass window. If you wonder how to remove scratches from glasses, just click the activated link. Glass is actually a barrier that you can’t see. For women, the glass ceiling means that they will have a harder time getting paid the same money as men do at their jobs. Or they might not advance as quickly or as far in a company as their male coworkers do. This isn’t always totally clear in the beginning, though. Women probably don’t see the glass ceiling when they start their careers. Just like men, they have dreams they want to achieve.

Do you have the barrier and are you able to break the glass ceiling?

Music and English

It’s probably not new to you that song’s lyrics can be a great listening exercise and practice. You can improve your comprehension and pronunciation and, also, learn a couple of new words and structures and you can even know who Alexander Reeds was! So over here, I would suggest a way to combine your interests in music with learning English.

One thing you can do is, have gap-filling exercises with song’s lyrics. You listen to the song and try and find the missing (erased) words in the lyrics.  It’s easy to find ready-to-use exercises of that type online.

But if you’re interested in a specific song you can’t find exercises for, you can either prepare one for yourself, get the lyrics and erase some of the words in it, or have a sort of dictation, where you listen and write what you hear and then check your work. It works!

Get Carried Away

You’re in a store, and you see a child with a red, wet face. He’s getting louder and louder, and his cries are turning into screams. He wants something, either a toy or candy, and his father says no. He starts to throw things, then runs in circles, and then lies down on the ground. His father looks tired. The boy is getting carried away (lost control!).

When someone gets carried away, he behaves in a way that is too much. It’s normal for a little boy to be sad or even cry when he can’t have something he wants, but to scream, throw things and lie down is to get carried away. Teenagers can get carried away when they like each other and spend all their time talking and dreaming about going on dates. Adults get carried away all the time, too, like spending too much money, eating too much food, or feeling too strongly about something that isn’t very serious.

Everyone gets carried away sometimes. What’s important is being able to know when you’re doing it!

Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

Have you ever had to wait for something that you really wanted? Maybe it was a new game, or the sequel to an exciting book, or even dinner after a long day. A lot of times, we’d rather have instant gratification than wait for what we want, but waiting teaches us patience.

In the end, those things we wait patiently for are those things we appreciate the most. For example, think about how a cake would taste if you tried to eat it before it finished baking! Some things just take time. They won’t happen immediately, so we have to wait.

Learning to have a patient mentality will help you when times are tough. The old adage, “patience is a virtue” is a good truth to live by. It might not be fun to delay your desires, but in the end, you’ll appreciate things more.

Put your foot down

put you foot down

Have you ever tried standing on one leg? You feel pretty wobbly, and if you’re not careful, you might fall down. To make sure you continue standing, you’ll probably need to put your foot down. When you put your foot down, you stand firmly. You have better balance, and you won’t topple over.

You can also put your foot down figuratively. It means you insist on something. You’re absolutely firm in making a statement or decision. For example, a mom might put her foot down that her kids go to bed at exactly 8 o’clock. A doctor might put his foot down and tell a patient with poor health to stop smoking or drinking alcohol.

An actress knows that it’s important for her to take care of her family. She puts her foot down when people try to take away her time with her kids. She insists that her family comes first, and she’s not going to change her position.

Follow your heart

follow your heart

follow your heart

When it’s time to make a difficult choice, there are many ways to do it. You can close your eyes and pick something. You can ask a friend or parents for help. You can write down all of the reasons that one thing is better than another. Or you can stop and pay attention to what your body is telling you. That’s called following one’s heart.

When you follow your heart, you are paying attention to your strongest feelings about something. The choice you make might not make sense to the people who know you, and it might even surprise you, but you are doing what feels right. When you follow your heart, you feel peaceful and good about yourself.

It’s important to follow one’s heart when thinking about work, because we spend many hours every day at our jobs. Choose a job that you really like because you are not going to work for only a short period. So just take your time and choose something that really suits you.

Smooth things over



When you were a kid, you probably watched your mom or dad make their bed. Maybe you even helped. Or perhaps you’ve stayed in a hotel where someone else makes your bed. In both cases, the way to make a bed look good and in order is to make sure it has smooth sheets and blankets.

If two people are fighting, they probably aren’t having a good time. They want the fight to be over as soon as possible, and they need to find a way to smooth things over between them. It’s like taking a messy bed and making it neat again or cleaning a piece of place mat which is made of liquid repellant tablecloths. No matter how hard the stain is, we have to get rid of it. It may take a little effort, but in the end, the room looks and feels better.

Like a broken record

like a broken record

like a broken record

When your grandparents were kids, there were no CDs. To hear music back then, you had to listen to records, and you played them on a turntable. People nowadays are lucky to have the new pioneer cdj that could play CDs very well.

Just like CDs, records could get scratched if you weren’t careful with them. Often, a scratch would cause the record to miss or jump over part of a song. Scratches could also make the record get stuck on certain words in a song, playing them over and over again until you fixed the problem.

Imagine hearing the same words, again and again. Could you listen to Lady Gaga sing “Bad Romance” five times in a row? Ten times? How about 100 times? Eventually, you’d get tired of it, even if you love Lady Gaga. You would want to fix your broken record.

Telling someone that they sound like a broken record is saying that you’re tired of hearing them say the same thing again and again. If someone tells you that you sound like a broken record, it’s time to change the subject!