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Get burnt out

Have you ever had a crisis because you did something too much? Maybe, you worked 10-hour days for a month. Or perhaps, you exercised for two hours without taking a break halfway through. It’s even possible that you made lots of desserts for your friends, cooking until you started messing them up. You probably knew that you went a little overboard. And you were probably very tired after doing these things.

In situations like these, a person can get burnt out. When you get burnt out, you work or play too hard. You might love what you’re doing. So, you do it more and more. But even if you love what you’re doing, you will probably have a burnout if you do it too much. If you get burnt out, you might decide to quit your job, stop exercising, or never make desserts again. It’s important to have balance in your life so you don’t get burnt out.

Fire Drill Practice

We teachers and students were very excited during the fire drill practice this morning. At about 9.20am the long alarm rang and we quickly gathered at the assembly point which is at the field. It was right after rain so the field was filled with puddles. Atfer attandance was taken, we were taught on how to put out fire using fire extinguisher. The fire was big and black smoke came out of it. It could be easily put out by the experienced fire-fighters. Then the leader of the fire-fighters met the teachers and told us things that we shouldn’t do during fire drill practice. Well, that’s good because we teachers are actually not trained in this kind of situation. And we are not exposed to current procedure. Thanks a bunch to The…..for the valuable experience.


I love cooking actually. During this school holiday I managed to cook some delicious dessert (really?) and some of it I never tried before. These are the food together with rating out of 5 stars from people who ate it 🙂

  1. Brownie                           (3 stars)
  2. Cheese cake                     (2 stars)
  3. Pengat pisang                   (3  1/2 stars)
  4. Kuih keria                        (2 stars)
  5. Apam balik                      (3 stars)
  6. Pancake                          (3 stars)

The list will be continued…….

Some of the dessert that I cooked with loved….

Blow Your Mind

When did you have your last big surprise? Was it a good surprise, like getting a new steel drums for your birthday, or was it a bad surprise, like getting fired from your job? When surprises happen, life usually changes. It’s important to relax and not become stressed when life moves in a new direction. Often, these changes happen in ways that you don’t expect. In fact, they will sometimes blow your mind.

When something “blows your mind,” it surprises you in a big way. It might be a wonderful surprise. Your mind might be blown because your boyfriend asked you to marry him! Or your mind could be blown by learning unexpected information. For example, it might blow your mind to know that your family wanted to keep a secret from you. When your mind is blown, you will probably feel many emotions. You might be excited or angry. You will also have new information about something important.



In our daily life, we do sometimes exaggerate. Why? To show that we actually serious and to show our emotion.

Look at the these


How to use these phrases? Look and learn something from this conversation.

Well that was a complete disaster! I nearly died of embarrassment when you started eating food off the next table!

I had to – I was starving and the food was taking forever to come. I’m sick to death of all these work parties you drag me to.

I’ve told you millions of times you don’t have to come! I’d much rather you stayed at home.

Come on, it’s getting late. Let’s get a taxi back. My shoes are killing me and I’m dying for the toilet!

play it by ear

play by ear

Let’s say that you slept for too long, and now you realize that you are going to be late for school. So you jump out of bed, put on some clothes, and run out the door. You make it in class just in time, and you see the teacher is handing out a test. Oh, no! You forgot to study. It looks like you’re going to have to play it by ear.

To play it by ear means to figure out how to do something while you are doing it. There is no time to plan ahead. The expression comes from when musicians have to play an instrument, but they do not have music to read. They have to use their ears to play correctly. There are many situations in daily life when we have to play it by ear, like going to job interviews or meeting new people.

Read, read, read!


Reading is one of the skills that you need in order to succeed at learning a language. But I’m not just talking about serious things like literature or difficult newspaper articles. You may think that challenging yourself to read harder texts will help you to improve quickly. But the truth is, any sort of reading is going to help you, as long as it’s in the language. I would even recommend not choosing difficult things to read, because you are more likely to get bored and give up, or just not understand anything. And what’s the point of reading something if you don’t understand it? Instead, why not choose something fun that you want to read, like a girly magazine (if you like that sort of thing!) or a children’s book. I am currently reading Harry Potter in German, which may not be the most challenging book in the world. But I love the story, so I’m much more likely to persevere with it than with something by Goethe. If you want to challenge yourself to read something more difficult, go ahead! Just make sure you don’t lose your enthusiasm along the way.

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone


Life can be hard when you have many things to do, and not much time to do them. If you can, it helps to be able to do two things at the same time. If you have to go to the bank and buy food for your house, you can do both on the same trip. This is called killing two birds with one stone.

Sometimes when people have too many things to do, they can find ways to kill two birds with one stone and make life easier. You can kill two birds with one stone by simply buying clip lock strap while going to the music store. Or maybe, if you are cooking a meal, you could kill two birds with one stone by making enough for dinner today and lunch tomorrow. Killing two birds with one stone is nice because it gives you more time to do all the other things you love.

Beside Oneself

beside oneself

Have you ever felt so excited, or angry, or scared, that you couldn’t recognize yourself? Have you ever been so emotional that you behaved like a different person? To be beside oneself is to act in a way that is not normal for you. It’s used with all kinds of emotions, from feeling anxious to feeling sad.

A mother might be beside herself with worry if her young son doesn’t come home when she’s asked him to return. A high school student might be beside himself with excitement as he waits to hear from universities and colleges. A little girl could be beside herself with sorrow when her pet dog dies. A tech savvy might find the activity of visit website is no longer fun and exciting.

Being beside oneself means having strong feelings about something.

Hands full


Have you ever tried to carry too many things at once? Like groceries from your car into your home, or laundry from the dryer to your bedroom? Chances are you’ll drop something when you have too many items in your arms, but everyone does it anyway. We like to think we’ve got everything under control, even when apples and socks are falling on the floor! Oh, if you love apricot, maybe you can get the best apricot kernels here.

When we have our hands full, we literally have too much in our hands. But in English, this expression also means that we have a lot of responsibilities. Maybe even too many. A doctor can have her hands full because she has too many patients, or a teacher can have his hands full with a large class of students. And it usually means that you can’t or won’t agree to do anything more.