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Life Story

PhotobucketThis young boy looks so decent. He always sits down quietly at the back of the class, no one talks to him and whenever I ask him he will bow his head and reply politely. I never knew his background until his form teacher told me that this boy comes from broken family, he never goes to school before and this is his first time in school. I was so shocked, couldn’t believe what I’ve just heard. I thought education is for everyone but how can this boy be left behind? I went to him and asked, he said his parents got divorced since he was 5 years old and then he had to stay with relatives, grandfather and lastly with his own mother. He cannot get proper education because people keep passing him from one person to another. That was so sad, I feel pity for him. He was crying when he told me his life story. He said he will study hard and he wants to get a jobs in finance someday. I supported him and I also remind him that only education can change his life, without it you’re nothing!

Freshen up the class

PhotobucketJanuary is the starting month for us to make the class attractive. I’m thinking of ways to make the classroom ‘our’ room. Just want to create sense of belonging so that the students will feel comfortable to learn in it. First, I asked the students to make the class timetable, duty roster and also the organization chart, three girls volunteer to do each task. When it comes to creative work normally the girls will dominate, I’m not surprise with that. Then for the wall behind the class, I assigned several boys to incharge the materials to be pasted. Each of them have to find material for one subject. Some of them have no idea so I gave them a few suggestion and its up to them to make the decision. I give them total freedom in selecting the materials because I want them to be responsible and mature in planning something for themselves and other people. For decoration, I asked them to bring some money for the class fund. I will use the money to buy wrapping plactis to wrap their table. All the task should be done before this coming Friday. Hope all of them will show me that they are responsible students.

Home Safety

PhotobucketNowadays we have to be extra careful with our safety. Home is our shelter and all of us should make sure that it is a safe place for our family. These are the things that I plan to install at my house; an alarm, auto gate and also home insurance. Of course all of these things are important but at this moment, I have to choose ONE because of money restriction. I have to choose one that is really important and can protect my family. I always wanted an auto gate, it would be easier for me because we can control the gate only by using remote. It means that I don’t have to get out from the car. In term of safety, auto gate can prevent strangers from taking advantage the moment I get out from the car, close the gate and get back in the car. I’m worried about the safety of my children who were inside the car. Then, an alarm. This is also important to prevent thief from break in the house especially at night. On the other hand, home insurance is also important to protect against unexpected losses to my home from disasters. So, how should I make decision? Which is MORE important? I’m really confuse right now…

Going for a Date

PhotobucketYesterday morning I went to my frined’s house. Actually she invited me there because she needs my advice regarding the cloth that she’s going to wear for her first date! Going out for a date at the age of 30 is something complicated actually. Talking about my friend, she’s actually a brand name person. Everything that she own should be designer labels like Dior, Gucci, and lots more, she wears only branded items, with the original brand. I actually don’t mind with it as long as she can afford all those things, that should be okay. She has a good taste of styling actually and I know that she doesn’t really need my advice. I was right, she showed me a beautiful dress that perfectly suit her and I told her that her boyfriend will definitely purpose her! She also showed me the make-up that she will wear that night. Everything seems so perfect with her, the only thing is she has acne scattered all over her face. I suggested this acne treatment product to her and of course I would recommended something effective to my best friend. She promised me to try it soon and would report the outcome to me 🙂 Then, she showed me her shoes. It’s a simple one but I guess ‘less is more’. Hope everything would be okay and I can’t wait to share the happiness after the date!

Sleep Well


My family and I used to sleep with the air-condition on. Without it, for sure all of us can’t sleep well. That was what happened to us last night. We couldn’t feel anything cold coming from the air-condition and it makes the whole room hot! Worst then ever, we don’t have any fan to be the back up. We prayed to God night will go A.S.A.P!

When the sun rose, my husband called the technician and in a few minutes they arrived. One of the worker told us that we need to change the filter and he recommended the furnace filters to us. He told us that it is from the best quality and that thing able to reduce pollen, dust, pet dander (we have 4 cats at home!) and he also told us that it is suitable for those who have allergies. He seems to know that my son is having that problem! It’s quite difficult to take care of him. Not only the air, I also have to make sure that the food that I cook didn’t contain any ingredients that can make him sneezing and coughing easily. Without further argument, my husband and I agreed to change the filter with a quality one not for us but for the children’s health, that is the most important to us!

Life as a Housewife

PhotobucketI become a housewife again for this few months. As I knew, becoming a housewife is not easy at all. Life will become much more hectic if you have many children to take care of. Only those who experienced this will definitly agree with me and men, for sure you guys feel uncertain about this.

Busy life will starts as you open your eyes early in the morning. Sometimes I got the chance to wake up at 8 (that’s the latest) but usually my baby wakes me up at 6.30 in the morning. For somebody that will be too late but for me, it’s normal and I used to it. Then while waiting for my husband to go to work, I’ll prepare breakfast for him, prepare all his documents and put it in his car together with a bottle of plain water then I warm up the car’s engine and open up the gate for him. When he already off to the workplace, I’ll spent a few minutes outside the house playing with my sons.

When the children get in the house, I’ll take them for bath and then prepare breakfast for them and feed them. After taking the youngest to bed, I’ll go upstair and having a nice warm bath for myself. Soon after that, once again I’ll go to the kitchen and prepare lunch for the whole family. The work doesn’t end here, I have clothes to collect outside the house then I have to fold them and put it at proper places. Once again I’ll feed my sons for their lunch, then I’ll go and perform my prayer. The children will go to sleep at 1.30 and this is when I”ll have my lunch and try to appreciate the calmness while they were sleeping. I’ll join them after that and that takes not more than one hour.

Evening is the time where my children are looking for because this is the time where they go outside the house and having fun time playing. I’ll keep an eye on them for about 40 minutes then they will go inside and having their bath and dinner comes right after that.

The night comes. I’ll spend my time by reading and teaching them while we were playing. I’ll make sure that they have a worthful time with me. They will usually fall to sleep before 9 and I’m free to do my stuffs after that! Hurry…hurry…

The wheel goes round and round. So, for those who didn’t get any employment yet especially housewife, I advice you to enjoy your time with your children and try to bring them to you as close as possible because when you start working, you’ll miss that wonderful moment with them.


PhotobucketI went to to this not so famous store just to look around. People said this store sell cheap things but the problem is, you can’t buy those things for one instead you have to buy it about a dozen then only you’ll get the cheap price! Well, what can I say? This kind of marketing strategy sometimes just irritating. Imagine if you want to buy an oil medicated treatment, of course we need just a small amount of it to apply at our body but then we have to buy the oil medicate treatment for 12 bottles! and I guess it would be enough if we soak the whole body in the oil. Irritating right?

I went out the store buying a dozen of soft drinks for my children. We paid at the counter and as usual the soft drinks were put into a plastic bag but then the cashier tied up the plastic bag with a cable ties or sometimes people call it zip strip! I don’t know what’s the purpose but it was really irritating and it made the plastic bag very difficult to open and I have to tear off the plastic to take the soft drink inside. Cable ties are use for binding electronic cables or wires together and not a plastic bag!  How irritating and annoying!