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Housewife cum Nanny

My life as a housewife and nanny started a few days ago. I’ll try my best to do the best for Mr Hubby (although he is always busy with his work…all the time L) and for my boisterous boys.

This is the first activity that we did together. Playing board games and I guess the easier game would be snake and ladder. For a 5 years old kid this game is quite exciting but for Emir, he couldn’t really understand how it works. He only know how to throw the dice then I have to do the rest for him. But surprisingly, Emir won the game in the end! Ammar got 3rd place and you know what? He cried! He could not except his lose. He continuously asked me to play again. I just can’t stop laughing at him! Hehehe.

Galaxy Note

I’m trying to blog with my GN.

Beauty Umaira

At last it is on my hand! I’ve been looking forward for this product and now I owned it! Actually I ordered it from my friend just to get reasonable prize. That is why I have to wait for a few days.

What is this for? This is actually a supplement (not medication) that will help you stay healthy and energized all day long. This product is good for your inner health. The prize? I bought it from my friend with the cost of rm230 whereby the original prize is rm289! VERY expensive right?

I can’t wait to try it tomorrow and can’t wait to feel and see the effect.

New Cloth

I just got my jubah. Those pictures that you see there is not medical uniforms but those are actually my new jubah. Simple and elegant right? I’ve tested it and I found that the material is not hot to wear in this kind of climate. Hopefully I’ll feel comfortable wearing it. I can’t wear it now because the jubah is too long and I have to send it to the tailor to fix it, make it a bit short. Hopefully I could wear it soon. Personally I think wearing jubah is a lot faster. What I mean is, I don’t have to wear two pieces of clothes. One is enough to cover my whole body. Isn’t that fast?


Yes! it’s mine now. I bought it for the price of RM72. Not really cheap right? Erm…’s ok. I still think that it’s worth buying. Here’s the specifications:-

  • It is a mobile mug of the compact size that thermal insulation, the cold insulation is possible.
  • thermos is lightest in history! Approximately 190 g of the super lightweight compact. Because it is slim, it is easy to put it in a small bag, I can enjoy the most suitable temperature for a long time.
  • Because it is a one-touch type, I can drink immediately when I want to drink it. Because it is super lightweight; as for the carrying around easily.
  • Because I exclude a drinker and can wash it, care is simple.
  • The unit not to hold opening in one-touch is with rockling.
  • Long-time thermal insulation, cold insulation is possible by a vacuum insulation technology. Because it does not leak, I am reliable.

I love Wednesday

I’m currently trying to bid for this item, mobile thermos. Retail price is RM100 and hopefully I can bid this tremendously cheaper that that! That is why I love Wednesday! There are lots of things for people to bid on Superbid Wednesday.

Actually I have a thermos at home but I want to find something which is light and can drink directly without using cup or whatever. Another major concern for me is, thermos which can keep hot water for long hours as I have to bring this to school. I want my drinks to be hot for about 5 hours. Do you think that this thing can give me everything I want? I actually have read the advertisement and now is a suitable time to give it a try! Wish me luck in my bidding.

Erm….i don’t know why my eyes can’t get away from one more interesting item, aluminum briefcase! Of course I will not bring this to school but I guess this would be suitable for my Mr. Hubby. Maybe I can give this to him as his birthday present next month! Do you think it’s a good idea?

My Dinner

This is what I ate for dinner last night. “Keropok lekor” or in English….erm…..erm…. “Fish Fries”. Hahaha sounds funny! Actually I don’t know how to translate this Malay words to English. It sounds awkward and I guess there’s no suitable English words as this is actually Malay dialect.

There should be reasons why I call this food fish fries. It’s is actually made from fish and people normally will cut it into strips before they fry it in extremely hot oil. The taste? No need to mention! Extremely delicious and I can bet this is delicious and healthier than MC* French fries! I love to eat my fish fries with special sauce. The sauce have everything from sweet, sour and a bit salty.

Wanna have some?


We went to wedding ceremony again. This time it was quite far, located at Ulu Tiram. We didn’t see the bride and bridegroom. We went there, eat and then went back home.

Not actually went back home but we went to Angsana to buy a wrist watch for me. There was a wedding fair held in Angsana. There were so many people there but unfortunately I didn’t buy any watch. The watch there were seemed outdated to me.

Then we went to Jusco. City Chain was the first shop that we entered. Erm…..overall the watch there were nice but some were so expensive. Ellesse watches were so trendy, feminine and sporty at the same time. I have 3 choices and decided to buy the above watch for 70% discount. The price shown above is before less actually 🙂

Red and White

Just got back from wedding ceremony. The color theme for this ceremony is red and white. I guess the bridal dais looked nice but only for the bridegroom’s outfit. She wore a gown and there is a big white flower on her head which made her look awkward (sorry to say this 🙂

Nowadays the cost for wedding is increasing dramatically. Congratulation to those who managed to organize a debt free ceremony. This is actually important because after the ceremony end,  there would be lots of thing to be done. Starting a new life with a new person is not something easy. We NOT ONLY have to be ready financially, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

That is a piece of advice from EXPERIENCED married woman.

First Saturday in February

The loooong holiday is here again. We will only start working on Wednesday which means 4 days of holiday for us! Only last week we had one week holiday for Chinese New Year and now the holiday is here again. How lucky we are J

I just finished doing the spring cleaning with Mr Hubby. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner for making our work easier and efficient. I could still remember the days without vacuum cleaner. I spent about 4 hours cleaning and moping our double-storey house!  Only God knows how tired I was. But now, cleaning the house is not something that  I reluctant to do anymore (do I sound like making an advertisement for vacuum cleaner? Hehehe)

The picture? That is actually the kids’ activity while Mr. Hubby and I were doing the cleaning. Coloring is such a fun activity to kids.