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TESLian Project

first card


second card

Another Hari Raya card received :). This is actually NOT the first, the first Hara Raya card that I got was on Tuesday from a friend of mine who live in the Kedah.

This is actually TESLian project. We plan to give Hari Raya card to each other and try to bring back the nostalgia of cards. We all know that people nowadays almost forgot about cards and paying more attention to e-cards.  I could still remember when I was in primary school. We gave cards to our classmates and felt very happy as we get more and more cards from friends. Then we will keep on asking our friends how many cards that they have got. Oh….how  I miss that moment 🙁

So now TESLian, let’s bring back the memory!


only some wear mask?

only some wear mask?

We are now facing the hazardous level of haze! This morning when I opened up the door, hoping for fresh air but instead the smell of smoke came in. I started to cough and sneeze badly L I wonder how the babies deal with this kind of weather.

The API reading even reached 383 and forced the authorities to close all 221 schools in Muar and Ledang for two days. A similar directive was also given to shut down all schools in Batu Pahat which is already near with my school.

We have to wear face mask all the time. This is what happened in class yesterday. I believe that today more students will wear the mask after they were given free mask yesterday.

Sports and again sports

you go girl!

you go girl!

I just came back from pre sports day. It is scheduled to be today and tomorrow. My job is to be the judge for ‘bullet ejection’ (does it sound weird?)

Actually I’m not feeling well today. Because of the hazy weather, I got runny nose, cough and sore eyes. Could the people out there especially in Sumatera STOP the OPEN BURNING? I don’t care if only your area got affected. But now ‘you’ are making us (your neighbouring country) suffer!!!

First try

first try

Yesterday was the first time I upload my own video to youtube. Purpose? To enter competition by British Council! I actually can’t believe I did that! When I think about it again, I feel embarrass. What if the unnecessary people watch it? What would they think? OMG! This is like a nightmare to me. Hope the competition will end quickly so that I can delete the video from this cyber world!

Sleep well


You’re in your pajamas, your teeth are brushed, and your face is washed. You’ve turned out the lights and you’re all ready for bed. There’s only one problem: you can’t sleep. You turn on the lights and try reading for a bit. You listen to music. You even count sheep. Nothing helps with your insomnia.

Or maybe you have no problem getting to sleep, but you wake up in the middle of the night. You think you’ll just be able to turn over and fall back asleep, but before you know it a half hour passes. Then another. Then it’s time for your alarm to go off, and you’ve been awake half the night. Sleep trouble is truly the worst.

Having a good night sleep is really important for me. If not, I’ll spend my day having headache and feeling moody all day long…


At last my dream come true! Mr Hubby bought unisex perfume  from Johor Premium Outlet. There are quite many perfume to choose from but not easy to find unisex perfume that we both like the smell. And at last this is it!


Not a big deal!


It’s strange to think about how every person you know was once a baby. Babies are very cute, but also loud and a little scary. Some people these days live lives that don’t have a lot of babies in them. If you live in a city and mostly hang out with adults who don’t have children, you might not see babies very often. If you don’t have a lot practice, babies can be intimidating. They are breakable, but that’s part of the appeal. What I’m trying to say is, don’t afraid with that commitment. For me babies are the MOST VALUABLE ‘thing’ that I have in my life.

Wish me luck!


Today is the first day students were divided into several sets. I got two classes, A3 and B1. What I can say about these two classes are, they are good students and they have big potential to excel. I know I have BIG responsibility to polish their ability and I know I should work harder this year. Sounds tough right? Well…..face it girl!!!  My first class with them was quite interesting. I have to admit that their English is quite good and I’m impressed when one of them came out with this word, ‘bosom’ which for me is uncommon word for primary one students.

My day…

bad boy

I know it’s too late now to wish Happy New Year. Today is the second week of 2013 and only now I’m able to write something in this blog. I guess I have to make a resolution to write everyday no matter how busy I am with work, kids and house chores.

There are a lot of things to do on Sunday morning. After several weeks busy with school’s work, now is the time to do spring cleaning. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping, cleaning and arranging dvd rack are the things that I always do in my spring cleaning. It took about 2 hours and everything is done perfectly!

We went out after that. Family gathering that turn out to be a disastrous day! I always feel afraid with him. He shouted at me and it makes me tremble. I even afraid to look at his face, full of anger. He always blame me on everything that happen. He always says that I’m not supportive. Only Allah knows what I’ve done for him!  I always feel afraid and uneasy when he’s around. I don’t know why there are so many anger in him especially with us, his family. What should I do?

Activity of the day

These are what we did. Ammar asked me to draw a tablet and a pen. He said when he grow up, he wants to buy a tablet like that (I wonder if there is colourful tablet in the future). I noticed that his colouring is improving. He loves to colour like other kids.      As for Emir, I know I should praise him as well although his colouring is…..not really nice. I know I couldn’t ask for more from a 3 years old kid. At least he has the willingness to hold pencil and do something.

Ammar’s work.

Emir and his pencil colours model.

Right now I’m thinking on other activities to do with the boys. I want to keep their hands full so that they will not feel bored. Erm….maybe something related with art and craft maybe? Or….books? It would be really nice also if we could do outdoor activity together.

I should make a list. I don’t want they spend their time watching tv like this…all the time: