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This biscuit went viral recently. ‘They’ say it super tasty and I wonder how tasty it is. Luckily one teacher sell it because of the high demand and request from many teachers. I bought it and really excited to try. If you ask me how the taste is, I would say so-so. It is actually cream cracker spread with cheese on it. I would not repeat order because the price is quite expensive maybe because it is imported from nearby country. Not worth to buy as I have many mouths to feed 🙂

Make it brief please…

Open Day

Waiting for my turn…while waiting, of course the boys can’t sit still with me. They ran here and there and I’ve to warn them not to play too far and stay close to me when it’s about time to meet with their teachers.

I just can’t understand, some parents the could talk for so long with their children’s teacher. Me? I think less than 5 minutes and I’m done! Well…maybe I’ve heard the same problem over and over again and teachers  always make general comments. I know that teachers have hundreds of students to handle and it is impossible for them to know each and every one of them. Normally they will only know the surface and fail to go deep explaining about one particular student. Rarely I’ve seen teachers with that special ability, able to know their students and able to talk about his/her behavior as an individual.

Me? I’m just the ordinary teacher 🙂

One to one


Attending sports practice day. Students’ attendance were really unexpected. I thought the least would come around 10 but only 6 showed up! there were also 6 teachers. I don’t really pay much attention to the attendance of students as we have postponed our practice session for quite sometimes. We need to regain our mood and actually there are so many things happening in school and the activities are sometimes tiring. Huh….is it a sign of getting old?




No one like being observe by someone. Me neither. But that was what happened to me yesterday. I’ve been observed by The Head Panel whom I respect the most in school.

She went in my class right after official assembly. Yes, she did tell me that she wants to observe so after we had the assembly, I straight away went in my class to set up everything. I used projector because it was the easiest way if I don’t have any handout to give.

My lesson ended well. The students behaved well and they gave good cooperation. It was such a relieved.  I don’t really bother about the mark I get. As long as I’ve finished my lesson well, that is more than good enough for me.


my sewing machine

my sewing machine

I’m enjoying my holiday now after everybody has enjoyed it a month ago. What a pity…..I have to go from one course to another. That’s a TRUE LIFE as a teacher.

What I did during these few days? I’m proud of myself. Know what? I successfully sewn pillow cases not 1 but 8 together with 3 bolster cases. I didn’t know that I’m quite good in sewing and I think I have the interest in sewing, I just love it! Next week I’m going to try something new, I’ll attend 2 days formal classes to learn Baju Kurung sewing. I always wanted to sew and wear my own Baju Kurung.

Really hope that after learning I’m able to produce the products or else RM200 is wasted just for two days!

Attending a Workshop

Marketing strategy actually

Marketing strategy actually

Yesterday I went to M Suite Hotel for a day workshop. Ooopppsss not really one day but only for 3 hours!

It had been a long time since I had a meeting in a hotel. I even couldn’t remember when! All this while we teachers attended meetings, courses or workshops only at schools’ meeting room.

We were told that this workshop is actually collaboration between JPN and also Oxford Fajar. And I knew the main sponsor was Oxford Fajar and that is why we got a chance to stay in nice comfortable place with delicious food! Why they didn’t do the course longer?

Now let’s talk about the content. Although it was a short workshop but the input was really mind blowing and broaden up our view. The talk was given by an expert lady. She opened our mind and taught us about HOT (Higher Order Thinking Skills). Now I become more aware on how low our achievements are and how desperately we need to change our teaching practices. It was scary to know that we were approaching students wrongly all this while. Something should be done! Let’s change!

My journey back home was tiring as I was caught in a traffic jam. Then only I realize how lucky I am to be blessed with working place just a stone throw from where I stay. I got home quite late and what I could think was relaxing while having nice bed foot warmer. Wouldn’t that be nice…

Went ‘round-round’

eager to smile

eager to smile

‘Let’s  round-round’. That is actually the words used by Mr Hubby when he asked us to go somewhere with him. ‘Round-round’ actually means to walk leisurely without specific destination.

Yesterday was actually a public holiday in conjunction of the Maal Hijri 1435. A new year in Islamic calendar. I don’t actually mind staying at home as I have a lot of work to be completed. But at the same time, I can’t say NO to Mr Hubby’s request.

We went to Jusco Bukit Indah. Nothing special there except for they were having sale (only in certain store). Mr Hubby bought only a new belt to replace the one that he had lost and me, bought nothing! Owh…I bought an old Human Nature CD with the cost of RM9.90. Of course I won’t buy if it is not that cheap!

We stopped by at BBQ Chicken for our lunch. Actually we wanted to go to KFC but the queue was too long and we wouldn’t dare wasting our time standing in the line. So we ended up ordering food at BBQ Chicken which we’ve never been before. After eating…..we concluded that nothing special there except for the huge fries. But overall, it was not a bad experience.

That’s it!

Attending wedding

I've gone through this :)

I’ve gone through this 🙂

Yesterday my family and I attended a wedding ceremony. The bride is actually my husband’s cousin. So when it comes to close family, we have to do extra work.

Mr Hubby worked hard for 3 days before the wedding. I know how tired he was and I’ve tried my best to lighten up his burden. Although it’s not that much but I guess I’ve done something sincerely.

We went back home at 4pm. At least we didn’t stay there until night like what Mr Hubby did for the last 3 days. Now I’m glad that the ceremony is over 🙂

Hari Raya lighting


Hari Raya lighting. Thanks to Mr Hubby who have made the effort to beautify our home.

Oil lamp


Oil lamp and fire crackers are synonym with Hari Raya. At night people will light up the oil lamp and kids will use it to light their fire crackers. I know, those who live in village the celebration will be greater. They will have these oil lamps all over the village and their village will be having oil lamps fiesta for several days. Oh….how is miss that moment!