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Where do you go when you want to buy new clothes, or new electronics, or new dishes, or new books? In most big cities, you’ll head to the nearest shopping mall.

Shopping malls are very convenient because there are many different kinds of stores all in one building. Whether you need clothes or shoes, dresses or dishes, games or gifts, you’ll probably be able to find what you want at the mall.

Since there are so many stores, there are also lots of people at the mall. It’s usually a crowded, busy place. For some people, this kind of sensory overload makes them feel overwhelmed. Other people thrive on excitement and energy.

Malls with a parking garage, a movie theater, and some restaurants are also popular. Not only can people shop until they drop, they can also relax, and eat. The entertainment factor is also good when you’re at the mall with someone who’s not really interested in shopping, such as your boyfriend or your kids.

Late post



Some people forget to buy their Christmas presents until the last minute. It’s sort of amazing to forget that Christmas is coming because for a month or two before the holiday, Christmas music plays in every store and shop, much to the annoyance of most (imagine the poor people who work somewhere that plays Christmas music!).

A lot of pop stars release Christmas songs that are really good, and classics like “Carol of the Bells” and “Jingle Bells” never get old. But you have to be in a particularly festive mood to be able to stomach them, and the holiday is often more hectic than festive. Why not light up your Christmas next year with white led christmas lights? I’m sure YOUR Christmas celebration will be amazingly bright.

Skill in life

flat tyre

Have you ever seen someone stranded on the side of the road? Maybe it’s because the car ran out of gas. Maybe it’s because the GPS stopped working. Or maybe it’s because the car got a flat tire!

Your plans can fall apart suddenly if a flat tire stops you on the way to work or an appointment or vacation. It’s not always something you can avoid. Most vehicles do have storage space for jacks and a spare tire. The question is whether the person driving knows how to solve the problem. People who don’t want to fix the flat themselves can always call a mechanic or roadside assistance, but it might take a while for help to arrive and you also have to spend some money. For me it’s okay as long as my car can be fixed.

Oh by the way, if you out there are looking for pump, go to this website as they have many types of pumps.

It’s time to change?



As an adult, you spend most of your time at work. But what if you’re watching the clock everyday, waiting until it’s time to go home?

Lack of inspiration, low motivation, and just plain boredom at your job may be signs that you’ve burned out. Of course, everybody has days when they just don’t want to go to work. However, if days turn into weeks, months, and years, it might be time to think about a career change.

Sometimes, taking time off is a good short-term option. Travel somewhere new and exciting. Or go to this website to find something glitters and lovely. Long-term, you could also ask for more responsibility at the office. Having a harder job might give you a new challenge to overcome. Otherwise, update your resume and look at job advertisements. Hopefully, you’ll be able to interview for a job you’ll love.


Quack quack quack

Quack quack quack

Have you ever been to a festival? Whether it’s a little street fair or a giant, city-wide party, festivals can celebrate almost anything!

There are festivals to celebrate ethnic food, festivals that highlight holidays, and festivals that center around one item, like books or apples, music or art. Festivals can become an annual tradition for families, and they’re a great place to make memories, pumping your heart with dw 3000 drum pedal, take lots of pictures, buy a souvenir, and eat delicious food!

With festivals featuring everything from food to music and flowers, it’s safe to say that everyone should be able to find a festival they’d like to attend. The trickiest part might be finding friends to go, too. I will always choose the save part 🙂


let's brush!

let’s brush!

I personally think that it is extremely awkward to tell a friend that they stink! But do you want to hold your nose each time getting close to your friend? Well, say something to your friend but in tactful way! Your friend might not know that they need a strong deodorant or some of them aren’t self-conscious about it.

Hygiene is actually quit tricky and personal topic to talk about. Has anyone ever said that you have bad breath, or something was stuck in your teeth? That person was probably as embarrassed to tell you as you were to hear it. But would you rather not know that you have bad breath or something stuck in your teeth? That might be worse!

So when someone tell you something was wrong, don’t feel insulted, just think positive!

ICT Knowledge



Despite of the mounds of work, I managed to finish up the test. It was actually a test on our ICT knowledge among teacher. I don’t really care about the score. The most important thing is I’ve answered all the questions!

New Furnishing

3 in a row

3 in a row

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m very picky when it comes to furniture. I’m interested in architecture and design, so it’s important to me to have furniture that reflects my personal aesthetic. That sometimes makes it difficult to find the furniture that’s right for me.

Now, if I had lots of money, I would just go to a place like woodworking supplies site and buy everything I want. Unfortunately, I’m not rich but there are still lots of beautiful, well-designed furniture for very low prices. I would just buy the things which are affordable to me.

For me, the last (and often best) option when it comes to furniture is to make it myself. For example, I made a dining table yesterday. I bought some recycled glass, wood and steel from a shop nearby and used it to create a nice, big table. Building it was fun, and I think it turned out well.




Have you ever collected anything? I mean as a hobby. Back in the day, children collected stamps and coins. It was common for families to pass down collections from generation to generation. When it comes to this popular hobby today, the sky’s the limit. If you can think of it, someone probably collects it. Just name it!

Baseball and Pokemon cards, seashells, stickers, action figure, anything and everything is collected, sometimes obsessively. With the invention of online shopping, it’s all too easy to spend time and money searching for rare additions to one’s collection. If you collect coin, maybe you can spend your time to buy a challenge coin here.

Owh, btw what do you collect? I used to collect A4 papers! But not the white plane one! I collected the decorated A4 sized papers. You know the one that we use to make cards or any other art projects. I loved it because there are various attractive design and colours. Too bad coz’ I’m not collecting it anymore.

Throw a wrench

throw a wrench

throw a wrench

Picture an old-fashioned factory, from the days before everything was digital. You might picture some giant gears turning around to power all the factory’s machinery. If a worker got fed up with working and wanted to make the machine stop going, he could decide to take matters into his own hands. He could throw a wrench into the gears, also known as the factory’s “works,” and the gears would come to a halt. Work would have to stop.

When you think about it, any plan or operation is kind of like those big gears moving. There are many pieces that must come into place for the plan to work. If you want to stop that plan from being successful, you must figure out a way to make those gears jam up. You must think of a way to throw a wrench in the works. And to fix this, try to go to this page and maybe you will find the way.