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I’m sick of lizard!!!

Sometimes I couldn’t stand seeing lizards running here and there in my house. It is so annoying!  Not only that, they often left the unwanted thing behind and that make me ‘hate’ lizards even worst. I don’t have the guts to be a direct killer so, these are few ways that I found to get rid of lizards in your house.


Diminish Their Food Sources

Lizards belong to the reptilian family and eat a number of bugs and pests. If you are serious about getting rid of lizards, you first need to remove all of their possible food sources. If you leave no food source for the lizards, they will not probably come your way.


Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Apart from diminishing the food source, you should also keep your home clean and organized. Make it inhospitable for reptiles by removing places they can hide. They love corners and spaces in between furniture. Instead, keep furniture four to six inches away from the walls and one another.


Eggshells (MY FAV!!!)

An effective method to get rid of lizards is to place cracked eggshells near the possible entry points. Lizards assume eggs as a sign of danger—birds are their predators, and eggshells often mark birds’ living places. To scare off lizards, place egg shells near windows, doors, and any other potential entryway.



Bird feathers will scare lizards away for the same reason. Birds are fond of hunting lizards, and the presence of feathers signal potential danger. For humans, feathers can often be quite decorative—consider placing peacock feathers by your windows.


Why not try one of these…..

Try to spot where the lizard is hiding?


Make it brief please…

Open Day

Waiting for my turn…while waiting, of course the boys can’t sit still with me. They ran here and there and I’ve to warn them not to play too far and stay close to me when it’s about time to meet with their teachers.

I just can’t understand, some parents the could talk for so long with their children’s teacher. Me? I think less than 5 minutes and I’m done! Well…maybe I’ve heard the same problem over and over again and teachers  always make general comments. I know that teachers have hundreds of students to handle and it is impossible for them to know each and every one of them. Normally they will only know the surface and fail to go deep explaining about one particular student. Rarely I’ve seen teachers with that special ability, able to know their students and able to talk about his/her behavior as an individual.

Me? I’m just the ordinary teacher 🙂

First Job

Do you remember your first job? Most people start their first job when they are teenagers. It is usually something they do to make some extra money in order to go shopping or to hang out with friends. There are different kinds of first jobs. Some people work with kids as a nanny while other people choose to work in a restaurant or kitchen. It all depends on what you are better suited for.

Your first job is an important experience. You can learn how to work with different people and learn how to follow orders. Some people remember that there first job was intimidating. Others think their first job was tedious and boring. People love reminiscing about their teenage memories.

BIG families


A few years ago, an American woman named Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets. Octuplets! That’s eight babies. And she already had 6 other children at home. Can you imagine how exhausted you’d be if you were a single mother with 14 children?

Nadya and her brood may be an extreme example, but lots of people want to have big families. For one thing, having more kids means more chances that at least one of them will turn out OK. But children are also a lot of work. And from diapers to college tuition, each one comes with a high price tag. According to one estimate, it costs an average American family over $250,000 to raise a child! That’s a lot!

Not only that, safety of kids is also important. We have to keep extra eyes on them while at home. Make sure that every single thing at home is safe and if possible, use RFID Locks for safety. As adult, we have to very careful because danger is everywhere.



If you’re lucky, there’s someone in your life who will do anything for you. It might be someone in your family, or a friend you have known for a long time. Often it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend. This person is willing to help you, even when you’ve made mistakes. He or she is ready to go the extra mile for you.

It’s important that these people in our lives know how much they are appreciated! Take time from your day to write a thank you note, text, or email. Call them on the phone, or take them out to dinner. More importantly, try to be like that kind of person for someone else. We all need a friend who is watching out for us.

I’m trying to go extra mile now by telling you that musicainsfriend has lots of musical instrument that maybe suit his / her needs. Try to repay his / kindness towards you. What you give, you’ll get back. I always believe in that.

Thumbs up to me!


What does it mean when someone gives you a thumbs up? It could mean “Good job!” Or maybe “I like what you said!” Sometimes it means “You can do it!,” and other times, “You look great!” To some people, a thumbs up doesn’t matter because it has so many meanings. And it’s a response people do without even thinking about it.

On the other hand, when you “like” what someone has posted online, it shows that you’re interested in what they’re doing. You might not have time to write a comment, but you want your friend to know that you enjoyed it, as opposed to saying nothing at all. The only real problem with “liking” posts is that it’s addictive! It doesn’t sound wrong, does it?



It isn’t fun living in a pigsty. But doing chores isn’t much fun either. Unfortunately, there are certain chores, like taking out the trash, that you just can’t ignore forever.

Some people don’t mind doing chores. Simple, repetitive work like folding laundry or washing the dishes can even be surprisingly relaxing. But most of us have that one chore that is our pet peeve, the one task we just hate to do. As long as you live in a house, still you have to do.

I could still remember once we had problem with the drawer. It was stuck and couldn’t be open. Cleaning the drawer is part of my chores and I just can’t believe it when the fixing part also would be my duty. But thanks to drawer slide info for making this men’s job possible for me.



The best part about buying something new is that you don’t have to worry about spending too much time taking care of it. If it’s a brand new car or computer, you know that you won’t need to do any maintenance on it for a while. But what if you don’t have enough money to buy a new car, and all you can afford is something that might need a lot of attention just to keep it going?

Cars aren’t the only things that might need a lot of maintenance. People can spend a lot of time, energy, and money to take care of their pets, relationships, and even how they look. If you’ve made a big investment in something, it might pay off to maintain it well.

I’m not a highly maintenance kind of person. In fact, I don’t usually buy make-up, I don’t groom myself and I don’t have any specific things that I will buy every month. For me, taking care of myself is more important than buying expensive make-up. I will appreciate the time for myself the most especially when relaxing and smelling the nice scents from candles. My favourite spot, of course on the coach near a special area for archipelago candles. I will just sit back, relax, and enjoy the comforting, long-lasting fragrances. That is how I maintain myself.

27 dresses


How exciting! Your friend is getting married! Wondering about gift? Maybe you can buy masonic rings for your friend, a perfect choice!

But what about if you get to be a bridesmaid?! Well, you wouldn’t think so if it was the 27th time one of your friends asked you to be a bridesmaid. You’d probably be pretty tired of planning bridal parties and buying expensive dresses and wondering when it will be your turn to get married. Pity you….

Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a strain on your patience, wallet and time. I am actually talking about the movie 27 Dresses about a woman who is a bridesmaid 27 times, it brings up a little bit of frustration. I just can’t imagine if I were in her shoes!

Sincerely Yours,


When is the last time you sat down and wrote a letter by hand? If it’s been a while, you should try it. There’s something nice about putting ink to paper. You can do it outside or in an easy chair without the glow of the computer. But of course you have to put your laptop and blue yeti microphone aside just for a while. Live isn’t interesting without those things, right?!

Moreover, it’s also much more personal to open an envelope and unfold a letter. When a friend of mine left the country for a while, he found the best way to stay connected to his friends was to write letters and send them snail mail. And now only a few did it. I wish I could write back to him and of course hoping for reply.