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Online shopping

Yesterday we talked about online learning and today let us talk about online shopping. Online shopping for me is really exciting. I really love choosing items and read the details of the products via computer. I love the FREEDOM of choosing and buying things. Too me, sometimes salespersons are really irritating. They have the tendency to  follow where ever you go and some of them even not friendly. I don’t have to face all that if I shop online. The payment also is not that difficult, as long as you have money in your bank account or you can also use credit card. Sometimes I can get free shipping coupon if I buy things in big amount. It means I don’t have to pay for the postage. Then, I have to wait for at least 2 days or the next day after I’ve made my payment and the product will be delivered to me. Easy right? What else do you expect?


I like to read magazine and sometimes I also read story book. But my problem is, I don’t like to spend my money buying something which is only for me. Am I weird? Well…that is me. I don’t mind buying things for my boys or things that we could use together but I feel it is such a waste if I buy things for myself (I know I should throw away that kind of feeling).

But now things are different. I can continue my hobby without even spending 10 cent! How? By downloading it via the internet. There are many websites out there which provide free download even my favourite magazine is also free to download. After this I can enjoy reading on my kindle or also Galaxy Note. Reading by using gadgets is no longer unusual nowadays.

Reality TV

Reality TV can be pretty brutal. Contestants often cry, fight with each other, and sometimes even get hurt when they use diamond blades wrongly. The new movie The Hunger Games takes the idea of brutal reality television to the next level. In the film, 24 teenagers have to fight to the death on a deserted island for others’ viewing pleasure. The games are also a way for the corrupt government to punish its citizens for rebelling.

 Whether or not you think something like that could ever happen in real life, the idea must have struck a chord with audiences. The books that the movie is based on were bestsellers, and now the film is attracting millions of viewers as well. I just can’t wait to see the movie or where I can buy the book?


OK, so you totally love the Men in Black movies. Who doesn’t? Does that really mean you should get alien’s face tattooed on your left shoulder? Only weird people would do that!

People often get tattoos of things they love, things they want to remember, or things that are meaningful to them. Some people choose a tattoo just because they like the way it looks. But if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, just remember that it’s permanent. You might want to start with a rub-on.

Those who really into this tattoo thing, my advice is take your time and really consider it. You can’t be impulsive, think deeply or ask other people’s opinion if you get stuck making the decision.

* A piece of advice from a mother of two



When your clothes wear out, you get new ones, right? Well, why do they have to be new? Used clothes can be an inexpensive way to get things that used to belong to someone else but are new to you.

Plus, the only way to find some cool styles is by wearing vintage t shirts or clothes from different times in fashion history. If you want to look like the late Michael Jackson, what better way than finding clothes from the ’80s that Michael might have actually worn?

Vintage clothes are pretty expensive. In fact, they’re getting more expensive. There was a time where you could just show up at a thrift store and there’d be all these cool clothes that apparently no one knew were cool and just gave to this thrift store. And now there’s a difference between used and vintage. Like you just give away your clothes that are used, but if you have something that represents a trend from the past, like you can sell that, and then people will pay a lot of money for it. But I think new clothes are expensive too.

I’m not actually very interested in vintage. For me, It’s a style that I just wish everyone would forget.

Deleted on List

Another post on hobby. I used to like this hobby before and I also have plan to expend it but unfortunately things go the other way around. Sure you guys can guess what the hobby was right? Ala….jewelry making. I stop doing it because I couldn’t find the right mentor to lead me on the process plus I was busy with my work and I can’t find the ideal or suitable jewelry making supplies. The jewelry that you guys see in the picture was not that attractive. I bought them at wedding shop and there were not many choices actually, I just grabbed whatever I see and finally those things turned to be undone, uncompleted! But at least I managed to make one brooch and one bracelet from the jewelry and I wore it myself. Don’t ask me what happen to those things now. Honestly say, I only able to wear it for several hours and after that everything scattered on the floor! Just believe it! I admit that I just can’t be a jewelry maker. Let’s find something else…….


If you want to know, this is my hobby. Of course it is not the statue! It is actually the head scarf or in my language it is called ‘tudung’. I love to buy them and current I have quite a number and I never count it actually. Hahaha. If sometimes I couldn’t buy it (always out of budget!) I will only look at it and that is enough and I would feel satisfied. Is it weird? No right…..Well at least my hobby is not as expensive as collecting Gucci handbags, prada sunglasses, or even Bobbi Brown make ups. I actually love the design, color and the material. New design keep on coming and the clean look is my favorite. These two look nice and I will grab it ASAP! Let’s shopping now…..