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Closing of 2016 with Samsung NOTE 5 !

Happy New Year friends!  Hope it’s not too late for the wish J I’m glad and happy to say that my 2016 ended with a wonderful gift from Mr Hubby, Samsung Galaxy Note 5! Thank you so much dear for making me keep my Note 1 after 4 years using it! My Note 1 was such a great phone and I started to know more and being up to date using that phone. The function was so great and the camera was fabulous!

Now that I own Note 5 and of course it is smarter than my Note 1. I know I have to learn and study a lot about my new gadget. If not, what’s the point of using a high-end phone?!

Terrible Twos

Do you know what to expect when you become a parent? First, you have a cute and tiny baby who sleeps at strange times. Then, you have a talking and curious baby who wants to crawl everywhere in the house. Next, it’s time for the Terrible Twos. Peace and quiet? You’ll only find that in someone else’s home. Or better, when you call grandma to come babysit!

The terrible twos happen when a child is about two years old. At this point, your child usually wants to explore the world. Children love to scream, “No!” to their parents at this age. This can drive a parent crazy! Sometimes, a two-year-old child will start throwing tantrums if you don’t give them permission to do something. But with a little luck, you might get your child to take a nap each day so you can have time to relax.

Haaaa…how I wish I could have me time 🙁

Cheap diaper anyone?



Let me introduce you to my youngest son. His name is Izz and he is almost 2-year-old. For me, he is the CUTEST BOY IN THIS WORLD. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging  about my son but I’m pretty sure that mommies out there will say the same thing about your own son / daughter. Am I right mommies?

My son Izz is a good boy. He always wakes me up early in the morning and he knows how to make me happy when I’m mad.


It’s not at all difficult to handle this little boy. He’ll sit quietly when I feed him and he’ll stay put when I change his diaper. So, I don’t have to spend more money buying diaper pants. Btw, do mommies and daddies know that diaper pants are actually expensive? I’m sure you all know right?






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It’s hard to imagine anyone saying to herself, “Hey, I feel like gaining 30 pounds, throwing up all the time, and being bloated for nine months.” And yet, millions of women happily get pregnant, or try to get pregnant, every day.

Most women start to feel the urge to have a baby in their late twenties or early thirties. But pregnancy may not be for everybody. I just couldn’t imagine how they feel. As for me, pregnancy is the most amazing and remarkable moment in my life. Seeing my stomach getting bigger and bigger really makes me excited and afraid sometimes. Although during the third trimester I will feel really heavy and quite difficult to carry myself with a baby inside but still it was the sweetest moment. I have to drag myself and sometimes people called  me ‘penguin’.

Finding something to wear during pregnancy is quite challenging for me. It’s hard for me to find a piece of cloth which can cover my entire body perfectly. That is why I will always keep a closet of maternity jeans and loose maternity blouses during my pregnancy. If I have to school then a maternity long skirt would be my preferred choice.

Oh….how I really miss that wonderful moment!

Picky Eaters

Food brings people together like nothing else. It’s something we all have in common, since everybody has to eat. And sharing a meal is a natural way to spend time with others, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a big family feast, or a low-key potluck with friends.

But picky eaters make it difficult to bond over a meal. We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and not everyone is an adventurous eater. But picky eaters often have trouble finding anything they like on a menu, and they usually don’t enjoy trying new things.

Lucky for me coz’ my boys are not picky eaters, they eat anything I give but at this age they still have difficulty to deal with spicy food. Don’t have to worry coz’ I will slowly tech them to eat spicy food.


I admit that disciplining kids is that hardest part of parenting. Of course in my house there are rules that the child have to follow and I think this is a must in every houses so that the child will grow up as a disciplined person.

My husband would have no problem in disciplining our kids coz’ he’s quite strict and the kids always behave themselves whenever he is at home. But if it is with me, I always see the other side of them. I love to see them playing in the house together with me and I love the hear their giggle  (in control of course). If he do something wrong, I will not straight away ground them but I will talk to them face to face and explain why they can’t do that particular thing. I guess by that way they will learn more and they will know the reason for not letting them do such thing.

Children nowadays are so clever.My eldest son is full of curiosity and he always ask me questions that sometimes I don’t know the answer. As a mom, I have to be realistic and prepare with reasonable answers.