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PhotobucketIn surfing there’s a technical term for stealing somebody else’s wave. It’s called shoulder-surfing. It’s very rude and surfers really don’t like it. Well, if you’re taking money out of a cash point or ATM in American English, you should be really careful that no-one is standing too close behind you. They may be shoulder-surfing, that’s looking over your shoulder trying to watch you enter your personal identification or PIN number on the keypad. That’s one way of stealing someone’s money – then a pickpocket or mugger will steal your purse or wallet, and rush to the bank before you can cancel your cards.
Shoulder-surfing brings up some interesting cultural points. How close is too close? In Britain and the US, people like at least a metre or two of space between them and the next person – any less than that and they feel uncomfortable. But I’ve been to other countries where people stand right next to each other when they are queuing at the bank, and have no problems at all. Maybe shoulder-surfing doesn’t happen so much there. Or maybe it’s just easier!
Shoulder-surfing might also have another meaning. You know when you are at a party, talking to someone, and they don’t seem to be very interested in your conversation? They seem to be constantly looking over your shoulder, trying to find someone more interesting or attractive to talk to. They want to upgrade to someone better. Well – some people call this shoulder-surfing too! Or maybe this only happens to me …

The Power of Online

Photobucket I’ve found it! At last our hard works are paid! I’m still talking about insurance J. I surfed on the net on insurance online and finally I’ve found premium that is suitable with our monthly budget. The coverage also is not too bad and the company offered quality coverage and has good claims record (based on our ‘investigation’). My husband also agreed with this one and we’ll do the process ASAP. Hope this would be the best choice for us!


PhotobucketThese days people have less and less money to spend on luxuries, things like holidays, for example. So, when they have some time off work, some are choosing to stay at home, instead of flying, or driving perhaps to the beach or mountains, maybe to another country. It’s a staycation, a combination of the words stay and vacation.

Particularly if you live in a big city, you might not get time to enjoy everything that it has to offer in terms of entertainment – to go to the theatre, to concerts or just to go sightseeing. So a staycation might be an attractive idea.

Other reasons to take a staycation might be having very young children, or perhaps you want to make some home improvements, like redecorating. In any case, a staycation will almost certainly save you money! I have some friends from the US who come over to London every year or so and stay with me – so I regularly take some time off and have a staycation. Sometimes I visit them in Seattle, and they have a staycation.

My Money!

Hand DryerYesterday morning we had a small party at my work palce. It was my friend’s birthday celebration, a SURPRISE birthday party. He didn’t know about this, the moment he pushed the door open, all of us shouted “Happy Birthday!!!”. He was really shocked but then he realize that he was not dreaming.

There were lots of food at the party such as burgers, nuggets, home made cookies and breads, muffins, fried chicken, pizza and a birthday cake of course! I ate almost all the food but in small portions of course. After 20 minutes my stoomach felt uneasy and I rushed to the toilet which is located at the end of the block. After I’ve done, I took out a handkerchief from my pocket and all of sudden, my RM100 note dropped into the toilet bowl! That’s alot sum of money and of course I will NOT leave the money there. I looked around the toilet, looking for things that I might use to take the money.

Suddenly, I saw a mop laying against the wall of the tiolet. I grabbed the handle and I used it to take my money. I then washed the handle of the mop and I also put the money in the sink and washed it. I was so lucky because there were three hand dryers inside the tiolet. I used it to make my precious RM100 dry. Thanks to the mop, without you for sure I couldn’t take my money and appreciation also should be given to multi purpose hand dryer 🙂

November is here again

PhotobucketWhen November is coming, it means busy days for me. Before we had a long holiday, there would be lots of thing to be done and to be settled! For this few days, I would be busy stapling the final exam question paper. Believe it or not, I have to staple them in 1-2 days only because the exam is on 5th of November and I have about  450 papers to staple! Fuh!!! I just can’t imagine how I am going to do that with two boisterous boys at home.  I really hope that somebody would help me with that. It is not the matter last minute work but in this case, I become the victim. The teacher who is suppose to do the work is on maternity leave. I’ve to take over her place because I’ve taken the maternity leave a few months ago. Meaning that this job is as a replacement for me for my 2 months holiday! I don’t know whether this is fair or not. I just don’t give a damn about this, it is not important anyway. What’s on my mind is, I will try my best to finish all my work on time!