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The fun begins

School has started two days ago. It was good seeing all these cheerful faces after nine days off from school. They greeted me and some asked to come over to my house. I wasn’t actually ready yet but I didn’t say anything to them, just smiling.

The feeling of teaching wasn’t there yet. I need time to warm up and arise from this laziness. Luckily I still have unfinished work with the students so I just continued with it in class. Teaching exam class actually limit my creativity in teaching. Why? because I have to focus on examination format and I have to focus more on examination questions. Yes I can do other activities but it is very limited. Still, here examination gred is very important.

Other than that, there are also lots of disruption going on in exam classes. One of it is this one….counting the head. If you are in the same boat as me, you’ll know what I meant.


5th day of Eid

Attending an open house at Mr Husband’s friend house then, we went to visit our neighbor, she just delivered  a baby girl.

So I guess this is the end of my Raya story. Not really the end, I will still keep on visiting but my focus will be on something else and priority will be about work. Tomorrow I will start working after 9 days of Hari Raya holiday. Time flies really fast and we d0 not realize it when we are having a GREAT TIME!

4th day of Eid

3 generations

We went to Segamat, then Muar. We travelled for hours in car. I hate travelling too long in car! We went to engagement ceremony first then we went to visit my grandmother.

It was so tiring and I know Mr Husband was tired driving…I wish I could help him but unfortunately,  I couldn’t drive an automatic car. I know I HAVE TO learn it one day.

3rd day of Eid

My sibling came over to my house. We cooked the simplest dish for them….spaghetti. But not me cooking, Mr Husband volunteers himself to cook.

I went to my eldest sister house first before the rest of the siblings came to my house.

We thought of going out after that but we were too tired after cleaning the house.

2nd day of Eid and Happy Birthday to MEEEE!


Yes…7 of July is my birthday. No celebration for me, just wishes from people round me. Sad??? Not really because all this while Mr Husband does not pamper me with gifts and I’m used to it. Besides, we were busy visiting relatives and it made me forgot this extra special day. We went around visiting our relatives without Ammar and Emir….they refused to go with us because they wanted to spend time with their cousins. We just let them enjoying their time together. Btw, it was a bit awkward going out with only one small kid. As if we just get married…..hahahaha.

First day of Eid

Eid 2016

First day of Eid. We woke up early and the boys went for Eid Prayer. I stayed at home with my little chubby boy and fortunately he wanted to sleep after having breakfast and right after that I did the things that I supposed to do as quick as possible, not wanting him to wake up from his sleep.

Then, the forgiving session….just between us. That was the saddest part although we always had a post-moterm but still this one is different. Photo taking session was right after that. I knew the boys were so bored and hungry but little I could do to help them as this is part of our family’s tradition.

Just look how bored they were……


But the outcome was fantastic and they will cherish this moment as they grow older. All these pictures will put a BIG smile on their face one day.



the boyzzz


We spent much time at my mother-in-law house. I don’t’ mind because last night I already stayed at my mom’s place. Well…give and take is very important in marriage. So these are the snap shots at Mr. Hubby’s side. His family is smaller than mine but still…we had a great time together.



Present 2016 Teacher’s Day

present my

This special post is specially dedicated to those kind individuals who gave me all these LOVELY PRESENT. Even until today I still received presents but forgot to take any picture 🙁  I want you guys to know that I really appreciate your kindness and only Allah can repay it. May we all be good teachers and students.


16 May

Teachers are very familiar with this date. Ya… is teacher’s day. This is the day where teachers celebrate this special day with students.

This year, our theme colour was cream or white. We don’t have any specific theme like other schools for example like ‘Superheroes’, ‘Rock-Era’ and Back to School’. I don’t think that we are ready with that and I salute to those ‘brave’ teachers who willing the dress-up.

Here in my school, we celebrated teacher’s day with performances and games for teachers. I participated in ‘Drawing games’ and got second place….not bad right?

So here are some pictures taken from our Telegram group.




Teacher’s Day Celebration


Taken from Tçher collection FB

Tomorrow is the day that teachers have been waiting for. As for me, I don’t really wait for the day because I’ve celebrated it for 12 times in my life as a teacher.

This is actually the day where teachers arrange everything for other teachers. From performances, food and even gifts we prepare on our own. I know it is not easy being an organizer for an event. It required patient and one has to sacrifice her time doing the preparation. From sound system to decoration of the stage, performances everything has to be perfect. Thanks to JBL pa systems for the great performance in these past years and still will be this year.

As an individual, there are several things a teacher has to prepare. We were given the theme colour of our wearing on that day. So our job is to make sure that we in the same boat during that day. Apart from that, it has been a tradition for us to exchange presents  with other teachers. Nowadays, not many students appreciate us so we appreciate ourselves.

Basically, Teacher’s Day is for teachers…from teachers.

Nature Outing

Nothing more precious than having a good family time. We rarely had the chance to go for nature outing. I actually prefer this kind of outing rather than going to crowded places like shopping mall. I love to see the kids enjoying themselves running here and there especially the little one. He’s soooo adorable!!!