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No matter how sad I am, looking at this cute boy will definitely put a big smile on my face. Although he is only 2 but he knows how to cheer me up ?

I was actually devastated for what had happened. I thought he loves my kids but all this while he pretending. He didn’t give them chance to defend themselves, talked bad words and chased US!

I’ve made big mistake for making this happened. I hope this is the last…..staying at a plece the kids called “kampung”.

A success!!!

We worked together to paint the class. I tought not many turned up but I was wrong. Thanks alot to those who came. You guys had made this project a success. Thanks a bunch to master mind in this project, my Mr Hubby ?. Without him this would not be a success. For a lady like me, painting is something tedious and this will not be in list of work that I would do. Give me other work, i’ll do but not this one. Now, I have to think of ways to make this class look attractive and students feel happy to sit in it. Any idea?

Hey Mr DJ

How hard can spinning records be? You play music for yourself at home all the time, right?

It seems easy to be a DJ until you’ve got a room full of people listening to the music you select. Club DJs have to choose songs that people in the club will like and play them in an order that makes sense using numark ns7ii. It’s easier said than done, because one mistake and the whole dance floor can be empty.

DJ stands for disc jockey, which is anyone who plays pre-made music for an audience. There are lots of different kinds of DJs. People who play prerecorded songs on the radio are called DJs. The guy scratching and making the beat behind your favorite rapper? He’s a DJ too. Sounds interesting and are you interested to try it?

Guitar Hero


Karaoke is fun, but why limit yourself to just vocals? You could do karaoke on guitar or drums. What’s that? You don’t play an instrument? No problem. There are some new video games that let you pretend you can.

In a way, Guitar Hero and Rock Band are even better than karaoke since you don’t even have to know how to sing to play them. It’s a lot like Dance Dance Revolution. As the music plays, the screen tells you what to do and your score is based on how accurate you are.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become very popular and are even helping to make bands like Cheap Trick and Aerosmith, who are featured in the game, sell more albums than they have been lately. By the way, it is not a waste to learn guitar. For self-satisfaction, click guitar center guitar sale to buy affordable guitar.



Outing with family


The moment that we have to cherish, spending time with family. We went to Zoo Johor recently. Although there were not many changes since 10 years ago, we still went there because of the cheap entrance fee.


With only paying rm2, I don’t think I have the right to complaint about the condition of the zoo. Attractive entertainment park like Hello K**** Town and L*** L***, charge a lot and for sure ‘they’ have to maintain the park in tip top condition.


There were many animals to be seen there. It was actually Izz’s first experience to be up close and personal with these animals. He was so excited and thrilled when he got the chance to feed the animals himself. At a certain spot, he refused to move because he wanted to see more. Such a curious cute little boy!


We should do this often actually but with the high cost of living, everything seems to be very limited and expensive 🙁

I’m still here…

I’m super busy lately. There are lots of work to be done. Still having a load of work but let’s take five to share stories about me basically.

I’m glad that I managed to buy several things for myself including this watch. Believe it or not, I’ve spent almost RM800 this month buying personal things and this watch is the latest.


Raya Celebration

Although students and teachers are busy, but we need to find time to have a gathering lie this.

This is actually Hari Raya celebration for students and also teachers. We had similar gathering 2 years ago. Now I’m able to celebrate it again but with different faces. No matter what, they are always cheerful and full of joy.

I was actually IMPRESS  with their cooperation. I didn’t actually expect that they brought so many food to be shared with. We ate until our stomachs were full and we even invited other students from other classes to join us. I’m glad that they had so much fun that day.


This kind of celebration is good to tighten our relationship and to teach them the value of teamwork among  Malay, Indian and Chines…..WE ARE MALAYSIAN.


Meeting Stranger

not her

Ha…what a busy life! Really busy with school activities and housework. I’ll try my best to update at least once in 2 days.

I really wanted to write about this…meeting with a stranger. This is how the story happened. We were on our way to Aeon. While driving, Mr. Hubby saw a lady, we thought she missed a bus and Mr. Hubby offered her a lift. She told us that she’s actually wanted to go to a shop nearby. We invited her in.

While in the car, she told us EVERYTHING about her. She said she is now a grandmother aged 69, with 18 grandchildren. She’s actually from somewhere around here and she’s here staying with her child’s family for a few days. Her name, Ramlah (Hah…I’m very familiar with this name). She’s still working as a traditional healer. She has become a traditional healer for quite a long time and she can cure several mysterious illnesses. She got this talent after she dreamt about something. She told us the story…very detail and she even sang a song while telling the story!

We send her home after she bought something from the shop. She left us with her mobile number and she gave the kids chocolate and also RM5 each.

What I can’t forget is, she kept on praying for our lasting marriage and she also prays that we could perform our Hajj soon. That really touched me.

Open Day


Hari Terbuka or famously known as Open Day. It was quite tiring but this is part of my job scope and I don’t take it as a burden to me. I’ve been doing this for many years and I enjoyed it because other than telling parents about their kids, I also have got the chance to learn about life with these parents. Life experience if very invaluable and we can’t learn it in university. Only University of Life taught us this.

Basically, problem among students is the same. Let me just summarize it.

  • Most of them have attitude problem
  • Lazy to study or do revision
  • Would rather spend time playing handphone or playing games than study.
  • Do not spend their time at home, like to go out and meet friends or play futsal / football / go to Cyber Café.
  • Watch too much Korean drama
  • There are also students in my class who do not like to talk to people, they prefer to stay alone without any disturbance.

Hah…..pity all these parents. I wish I could fix everything. And at the same time, I am actually worried about my boys. Really hope that everything will be fine.