Attending a Workshop

Marketing strategy actually
Marketing strategy actually

Yesterday I went to M Suite Hotel for a day workshop. Ooopppsss not really one day but only for 3 hours!

It had been a long time since I had a meeting in a hotel. I even couldn’t remember when! All this while we teachers attended meetings, courses or workshops only at schools’ meeting room.

We were told that this workshop is actually collaboration between JPN and also Oxford Fajar. And I knew the main sponsor was Oxford Fajar and that is why we got a chance to stay in nice comfortable place with delicious food! Why they didn’t do the course longer?

Now let’s talk about the content. Although it was a short workshop but the input was really mind blowing and broaden up our view. The talk was given by an expert lady. She opened our mind and taught us about HOT (Higher Order Thinking Skills). Now I become more aware on how low our achievements are and how desperately we need to change our teaching practices. It was scary to know that we were approaching students wrongly all this while. Something should be done! Let’s change!

My journey back home was tiring as I was caught in a traffic jam. Then only I realize how lucky I am to be blessed with working place just a stone throw from where I stay. I got home quite late and what I could think was relaxing while having nice bed foot warmer. Wouldn’t that be nice…

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