BIG families


A few years ago, an American woman named Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets. Octuplets! That’s eight babies. And she already had 6 other children at home. Can you imagine how exhausted you’d be if you were a single mother with 14 children?

Nadya and her brood may be an extreme example, but lots of people want to have big families. For one thing, having more kids means more chances that at least one of them will turn out OK. But children are also a lot of work. And from diapers to college tuition, each one comes with a high price tag. According to one estimate, it costs an average American family over $250,000 to raise a child! That’s a lot!

Not only that, safety of kids is also important. We have to keep extra eyes on them while at home. Make sure that every single thing at home is safe and if possible, use RFID Locks for safety. As adult, we have to very careful because danger is everywhere.

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