Stick Up

Nelson Mandela was a civil rights leader famous for helping people in South Africa. He fought against a system where non-whites did not have the same rights as whites. He was a voice for people who could not speak for themselves. He stuck up for the people of his country.

When you stick up for someone, you are helping that person in a way that they cannot do for themselves. When someone is not nice to you, you stick up for yourself, right? So, if a big kid at your school is being mean to a smaller kid, you should stick up for the smaller kid. Or, if you believe that animals are being treated badly around you, you could stick up for animal rights. It’s always a good thing to stick up for those who cannot do it for themselves.

Here in my country, who can actually stick up for us from paying tax to the goverment? We desperately need a superhero because ‘they’ won’t listen to our voice! Be with us and protect us from those greedy men, stick up for us…please….!!!

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