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Bellydancing is an elegant and interesting folkloric dance. Bellydancers mainly use their hips, core, and upper body to make isolated movements. The dance is difficult to define in one way. There are many different styles and ways to do bellydancing. It probably began in the Middle East, but now there are US based styles of the dance! One of these is tribal, which is very earthy and feminine.

Some people might be scared to try it because they think it is too “sensual.” It is also very difficult and takes a lot of practice. They may never even drop in on a class. But really, bellydancing is great exercise. Bellydancers of all shapes and sizes will look great for bathing suit season. One can always ask for tips and pointers while enjoying the qulity sound from fender deluxe reverb . But the best way to find out is to try!

Disciplining Kids

We’ve all seen kids screaming, throwing temper tantrums, or misbehaving in public. As a parent, it can be difficult to know what to do when your child acts out. A stern lecture doesn’t always do the trick. But you don’t want to be accused of being cruel for spanking your children, either.

These days, spanking is less acceptable than it used to be. Even though a lot of parents still use spanking to discipline their kids, many people fear that spanking your children will teach them that violence is OK. Find out what Beren and Marni think parents should do to keep their children in line.

Whale Watching

Imagine you are on a boat out at sea. You are floating along, when suddenly, you hear a shout, “Whales!” You grab your binoculars and hold them up to your face. Far off in the ocean, you can see the huge whales surface and breach the water. They make big splashes with their tails and send up a big spout of water every time they breathe. How exciting to be so close to these behemoths!

Whale watching is a popular hobby in the United States, especially for people who live on the coast. Sometimes, you can see whales from the beach, but usually, people go out in a boat to try to spot them. Many people love getting up close to these big mammals, but other people think it is a little bit scary. What if the whales get too close and tip over the boat?