Amazing Cats

I don’t know why I talk so much about cat today. Do you know about the famous cats on the internet, such as Grumpy Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, and even Lil Bub? Do you know about the most incredible kitty-cat live act? The Amazing Acro-Cats are a famous group of kitties who tour the United States with their owner and trainer, Samantha Martin. They show people what cats can learn from a good trainer with lots of treats.

The Amazing Acro-Cats do many different circus tricks. Some cats walk on ropes. Other cats do incredible jumps. Some cats climb ropes. However, the most famous subset of this group is The Rock Cats, a kitty rock-n-roll band. These cats play guitar, drum set, music keyboard, and cowbell. Their rhythm may be in question, but there is nothing cuter than a kitty plucking a guitar.

New Companion

Happy to find this app. I’m going to make full use of it. There is NO reason for not taking care of your daily calorie intake. Now everything is at your finger tip 🙂 All the best to me!

Get burnt out

Have you ever had a crisis because you did something too much? Maybe, you worked 10-hour days for a month. Or perhaps, you exercised for two hours without taking a break halfway through. It’s even possible that you made lots of desserts for your friends, cooking until you started messing them up. You probably knew that you went a little overboard. And you were probably very tired after doing these things.

In situations like these, a person can get burnt out. When you get burnt out, you work or play too hard. You might love what you’re doing. So, you do it more and more. But even if you love what you’re doing, you will probably have a burnout if you do it too much. If you get burnt out, you might decide to quit your job, stop exercising, or never make desserts again. It’s important to have balance in your life so you don’t get burnt out.

Have a mind to….


We can all do amazing things when we focus. Of course, some people have a great ability to focus, and they do amazing things all the time. These people know that taking the first step is the most important part of the process. For example, you might want to sing in front of an audience, but you don’t know how even if you already have amazing mic stand from Top proline at MF. However, if you have a mind to do this, you will be able to find a way.

When you have a mind to do something, you are determined to do it. In other words, you have a strong want to do this thing, so you will find a way to do it. If you have a mind to sing in front of an audience, then you might begin by singing for your friends. After some practice, you can find a good place to sing for an audience. When you have a mind to do something like this, you will probably be successful.


First time trying this thing out  


As a teacher, this is my routine. Filling up the register. Just imagine we have to fill particulars for 35 students in my class. For example like IC number, parents, address and others. But it is not difficult task to do. That thing will be difficult if students didn’t cooperate and didn’t give the details that we teachers asked for. So to parents out there, please be with us and help us to help your kids.

Kids and music

Cheap music

I always dreamt of sending my boys to music class. From what I heard it’s good because it balanced up the function of the brain. Am I right? Art and music class can improve students reasoning, logical and spatial thinking. They help our kids become more creative and able to cooperate in class better. So I think all school should have this music subject at school as it can develop team building skills among students. Parents should not worry because they can always get any musical instruments from woodwind and brasswind coupon with affordable price. But I personally think that school shouldn’t burden parent with buying musical instruments, by right it should be provided and included in the school fees. Well, as a parent of 3 kids, I know it cost a mountain raising up kids nowadays. There are so many things we have to pay and increasing prices of goods make the situation worst. Oh no, am I out of topic? Let’s get back to the root, music is good for kids and sending your kids to music class is consider as a bonus to your kids bright future. All the best!

Fire Drill Practice

We teachers and students were very excited during the fire drill practice this morning. At about 9.20am the long alarm rang and we quickly gathered at the assembly point which is at the field. It was right after rain so the field was filled with puddles. Atfer attandance was taken, we were taught on how to put out fire using fire extinguisher. The fire was big and black smoke came out of it. It could be easily put out by the experienced fire-fighters. Then the leader of the fire-fighters met the teachers and told us things that we shouldn’t do during fire drill practice. Well, that’s good because we teachers are actually not trained in this kind of situation. And we are not exposed to current procedure. Thanks a bunch to The…..for the valuable experience.

Can you?

A lot of us learn how to play a musical instrument when we are young. Some parents make their children take piano. Violin or guitar lessons. Some teenagers are inspired by their favorite bands and decide to learn how to play the guitar or the drums from ed sloan. And of course, every so often, we hear about a child prodigy who is playing Mozart at the age of five!

Learning how to play music helps to teach kids discipline and focus. It also gives them the reward of accomplishment. It is possible that learning to read and play music helps the brain function more effectively in other areas of study, particularly mathematics and languages.

Although many folks learn to play when they are kids, they sometimes do not continue to play as adults.


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